Three Kids and a Dog

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Adler and I Lose Some LBs

Adler goes back to the doctor on Saturday for her annual heartworm check up and I'm hoping that at that time the scale will show that she's shed a few pounds. The green beans seem to be going down easy for her, and Adler and I have been working out together. No I'm not talking about the underwater treadmill walking that was suggested by our vet. Just some good old fashioned running. You see ever since Austen was born it's been difficult for me to get to the gym. So before Tom comes home with Austen, Adler and I hit the pavement. Of course right now she can only make it a mile and a half and so what if my jog is a very fast walk for her - we're both getting some exercise. But the best part is that I can take Adler out in half the time now and she's tired out. Stay tuned for Adler's weigh in on Saturday...and don't ask me to reveal my weigh in. This blog is all about Adler.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


TrueLove is a children's book that was given to me by my sister-in-law when Austen was born (now that you're having a third do I have to give it back?). It's a story about a dog who was once the center of his owners' world until a baby arrives. He moves down the totem pole of importance and is soon forgotten until his owners realize that he is an important part of their family and they miss him.

I know this happens a lot. In fact, many of my friends have given away their pets once they had kids. They just didn't feel like they had the time to properly care for and love their dogs the way they should. And, truth be told, they were a little fed up with all that dog hair all over their newborn baby.

I'm not going to lie. It is a lot of work to care for a dog and a baby. It's almost like having two children. In the morning it takes both Tom and I to get Austen ready to go and make sure Adler goes out and is fed. And, somehow Adler's hair is always on Austen's hands no matter how many times I wash them. But, I would never give Adler up - ever. To me she's a part of this family no matter what. Of course now, like an older sibling, she has to wait while I tend to Austen's needs first but she never complains. She simply just waits by the door for me to get Austen ready to go out so she can go for her walk or for Austen to get settled before she can eat.

So last night, Tom, Austen, Adler and I sat on the floor in Austen's room and read that book as a reminder of the joy that pets can bring to your life and how not to take them for granted - even when you have an adorable little baby to shower with love and attention.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Did You Know that Dogs are the New Kids?

Okay, so I'm back at work and I'm in a meeting today and I notice my colleague next to me has a Starbucks cup of coffee. I notice that it has some verbiage written on the side of the cup called "The Way I See It #238" with some info that's supposed to be thought provoking. I guess Starbucks has a different thought printed on cups to provoke discussion. Well, here's the one I noticed today which clearly talks about why Adler gets more attention than Austen!

"Have you noticed that dogs are the new kids? You take a walk with your kid and your dog, but nobody says, "What a cute kid?" Instead they say, "What a cute dog! What's his name? Is he a rescue?" Maybe if I put a collar and a leash on my kid someone will notice her.

The author is humorist, Judy Gruen. She has a point. But I don't think I'll be putting a leash and a collar on Austen anytime soon. I'll just have to make sure his outfits are cute enough for people to notice him too!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Adler Ate All of Her Green Beans

That's right, Adler ate all of her green beans. Why green beans you ask? Well, Adler is on a diet and our vet told us that her Eagle Pack food is high in calories even though we give her only maintenance and reduced fat formulas. So to combat this and instead of making her switch foods which for a dog can be very upsetting to their stomachs - she suggested we supplement with green beans.

So tonight, Adler had a little over a cup of her Eagle Pack maintenance formula dog food and green beans. She seemed to like them and they are supposed to be very satisfying for dogs because they are high in fiber, says our vet. Well, at least we know that Adler doesn't take after Tom who dislikes many vegetables. Hopefully Austen will take after Adler!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Adler's Day at the Beach

Who needs underwater treadmill walking when you're able to spend the day at the beach? On Friday, Tom and I headed to Michigan with Austen and Adler for the day. Adler loved being off leash and wandering around our Michigan land, but she really loved going to the beach.

This dog loves sand! Adler had fun running up and down the beach and diving and rolling into the sand - literally. She then would venture out to the edge of Lake Michigan testing out the water. Yeah, right, like this dog was going to do any underwater treadmill walking when she wouldn't even go past her shoulders into the lake. In fact, her doggie paws never even did a doggie paddle!

I think I will remember for a very long time how happy Adler looked running up and down the beach. I hope she knows how much we love her even if she has to share our attention now with Austen.