Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy Birthday to "P"

I know it's the holidays and I'm supposed to be posting all about Xmas, but today is Peyton's birthday and it is all about her so today, so is my blog.

Three years ago, I gave birth to this amazing little girl.  She has grown from a baby into a toddler and now into a big girl who loves to do ballet, play soccer, sing and do anything her big brother is doing.  She is tough and seldom cries when hurt (that's good when you have an older brother).  She is also a momma's girl who wants to go everywhere I go even when I'm just running into a store for a quick return and Tom and Austen are staying put in the car. She loves her dolls and has her own little sarcastic sense of humor that she's just trying out on us.  She's stubborn and she likes to change her clothes multiple times a day and try on everyone's shoes.  She asks for dessert for breakfast and changes her mind many times a day (I hope she doesn't grow up to be one of those girls who can't make a decision!), but she is all ours and she couldn't have had a better birthday with friends and family.

Here's Peyton's birthday in review:

Austen is the first one up in the house and wraps up some of his books to give her from him.  Note the tag and the ribbon.  Next year, I'm getting him to wrap all of my Xmas presents!

Posing before her guests get here.  She couldn't wait to take her boots off to get in the jumpy house. Note one is already off!

Opening her presents.

Her Cinderella cake. She had a little difficulty blowing out the candles instead blowing her bangs up in the air.

Her big girl tricycle.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sibling Love

The older they get the more that Austen and Peyton really enjoy each other's company (and sometimes drive us crazy since it's best buddies one  minute and then lots of crying or screaming the next).  I have to say that Peyton really loves her big brother though.  She just moved to the next level upstairs at school so now she is in class across the hall from Austen. She gets to see him a lot more throughout the day and surprisingly this doesn't evoke tears from her anymore when he leaves.

In fact, I've never been more proud of Austen than the way he has taken care of his sister as she transitions to her new classroom.  They go upstairs to school together and Austen holds her hand up the three flights (parents can go up if they want but they encourage you to let the kids go up by themselves - teaching independence). When they get upstairs, he brings her to her locker to change her shoes and take off her coat.  He then hurriedly goes to his own locker to do the same before hurrying back to Peyton's locker to help her with anything she needs before walking her to her classroom.  What a great big brother. I like that he's up there watching out for her.  And, Peyton knows he is too.  She often says,  "Austen will take care of me."  She's right. He's her big brother. He always will.

Enjoying each other's company.

Minutes later having to be separated after too much silly. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Event I Live For All Year...

is Austen's holiday concert. He started practicing with his class in early December and would often come home from school and practice his songs with his sister.  He definitely loves to sing that kid. So Friday, his class along with all the other primary and elementary classes performed their annual holiday concert.  Tom and I took the day off and brought Peyton to see her brother's special performance.  Here is our little star shining so brightly:

Austen relaxing before his performance.

Austen singing Jolly Old St. Nicholas and Must Be Santa.  He is right in the middle, next to the girl with the pink flower in her hair (Austen says she's the prettiest girl in the whole school!).

Let's not forget Peyton either.  Even though she was too young to participate in the school's holiday concert, she had a holiday party the evening before for her class and her teacher had them sing a bunch of the same songs.  Since Peyton had also been practicing at home with her big brother, she stole the show. Check her out.

I love this time of year and seeing the kids so excited for the holidays.  It makes every other hard day worth it to celebrate these events with them.  I feel blessed to share these moments with them.  And, I have to admit after this past week's events in Newtown, Conn., I hugged them all a bit tighter.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Adler Turns 8

Happy birthday to Adler! She turned 8 on Nov. 27 and we celebrated in style with candles and ice cream.  Vanilla of course since dogs can't have chocolate!  The whole week before, Peyton was telling me that she was going to help Adler blow out her candles.  And, she did (with Austen's help)!

Adler got some new toys and treats for her birthday but much preferred the food and attention to any new toy.

She also got a new "mattress" for her dog bed which arrived in the mail a few days after her actual birthday.  I think she appreciated this gift the most.  The last few months, we've noticed her struggling a bit at night with a little arthritis in her back legs.  A little joint supplement and a new "mattress" and it's almost like she's 2 and not 8!  Of course, the first night she refused to sleep on it because it was a bit full.  But, she worked it in after a few days and now she heads to bed before we do most nights.

Here's to at least another 8 more years, Addie girl! You are the best dog ever. We love you!

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Austen and Peyton Meet Santa

Peyton has boycotted sitting on Santa and the Easter Bunny's lap for the past two years.  So imagine my surprise when her brother ushered her up to visit Santa and she didn't cry or run!

Austen gently guided her to see Santa and Santa plopped her on his lap.  You can tell by her eyes she is a little unsure as she listens to her brother and Santa banter back and forth.  But yet she doesn't cry or try to run!

Listen to this video and listen to Austen's response when Santa tells him there is only 28 more days to Xmas.  You would have thought he said that Xmas was another 365 days away! 

Anyway, I'm just glad Peyton decided to be braver than she has been in year's past. I think almost three was the magic number when Austen returned to Santa and the Easter Bunny's lap too. Listen to Peyton's commentary after talking with Santa.