Three Kids and a Dog

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Last week at this time I was floating on a raft in an infinity pool admiring palm trees and the crystal white sands of the Mexican beach while soaking up the sun and slurping a Mango Tango. (Don't worry, it was non-alcoholic.)

Tom and I decided to jet away once again this year for our sixth anniversary before the arrival of our second child. We figured it might be our last trip for awhile since getting a family member to take two kids instead of one would probably be a little more challenging. We left Austen with his mom since she's retired and took Adler to my dad's. He's been asking to have her for awhile now. It gives him an excuse to get out and meet the neighbors.

Reports back on both were that they were well-behaved so that's good. Adler saw deer on her long walks with my dad in the suburbs and she even got to watch my niece play soccer while the other one reportedly showed her off to her friends. Austen went to a train show, frequented the neighborhood playground, made French toast with grandma and had her playing baseball in the yard. He came home with lots of mosquito bites (we don't have those in the city!) and a desire to be on his best behavior (we'll see how long that lasts!).

All in all, the four short days were relaxing and restful. It was the perfect amount of time to be away and we were anticipating our homecoming with A & A. When we arrived home it was great to be greeted by Adler who jumped up on us relentlessly to tell us she missed us and Austen who gave both Tom and I the biggest hugs ever and wouldn't let go.

That's what makes all the work and love you put into them worth it.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Things Austen Says...

We were at Costco recently waiting in line and our talkative 2-1/2 plus year old decides to point at the poor lady in front of us and repeatedly yell "Grandma! Grandma!" despite our repeated attempts to quiet him. The lady finally had to acknowledge him and was so nice about it despite probably only being in her early

Embarrassed, I told this woman that both his grandmas are really young looking so it would soften the blow. As we were exiting the store, Tom whispered to me, "That's as bad as asking a woman if she's pregnant when she's not!" Yes, I agreed and we hurriedly strolled out of the store before he could say anything else!

Austen also is very friendly to all the people eating outside at the restaurants in our neighborhood. We take walks almost every night together with Adler - weather and schedules permitting. Recently, he walked up to one of those low open windows of a bar. A couple with a newborn was enjoying their dinner and relishing the time when a newborn will sleep and you can take them anywhere when Austen rests his arms on the window sill and says "How ya doin' guys?!" The couple laughed and so did we. I'm sure they were thinking, is this what we are in for?!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


For about the last month I've been noticing an inordinate amount of hair on my bed. Not my hair, mind you, but dog hair! Now, Adler isn't one to sleep on beds or so I thought. I've witnessed her getting up on beds before, settling down for a few minutes, and then getting down because it was just too hot for her. However, judging from the amount of hair on my bed every day when I come home from work this isn't just a case of Adler getting up on the bed to check out the view and then getting down. No, this is a case of this bed is a lot more comfortable than the floor or even my dog bed on the floor and I'm going to spend my day sleeping here. Just last week when Tom was working from home, he caught her in the act and she barely moved even as he took video and a picture of her! And, today, I went into my bedroom to put something away and there she was lounging on the bed. Time to break this habit or put a blanket on the bed! Look at how comfortable she looks!

Monday, September 07, 2009

My Little Ball Player

Like most little boys, Austen loves to play ball. Now, he's not picky. He'll play soccer, basketball, football or baseball. You name it, he'll play with you or try to get you to play with him.

When I pick him up from school at the end of the day all the kids in his class are playing in what's called their "gross motor room" (fancy Montessori word for indoor playground!). Often, his teacher, Ms. Rubi, will be throwing or kicking the ball with him. But Austen won't just be standing a few feet away from her. He has to challenge himself and he's usually on top of the indoor play house throwing the ball down to her and having her throw it up to him to catch it. "He likes to play ball!" she tells me when I arrive. I shake my head and say "I know!"

At a recent trip to grandma's house, Austen showed off his batting skills. In this video he is 1-1 but he sure can hit, kick, throw or catch those balls.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

No! No Elephant!

So I'm thinking that it would be nice if my second child was a boy. Then I think maybe if I have a girl she would sit and read books, cuddle and actually be gentle and not treat Adler like she's a wild bull that needs to be tamed.

This morning, Adler was sleeping in per usual while the rest of us hustled around her trying to get ready for the day ahead. Austen was particularly bored this morning and refused to put on his school clothes. Instead he flopped down on Adler and proceeded to put his little hands around her neck. I heard a slight growl from Adler as she adjusted herself to move him off of her. He slid to the floor. Making sure she didn't hurt him, she then proceeded to lick his face which makes Austen flail his arms, which come down squarely on the side of her face. Adler flinches but doesn't give up giving him kisses until I separate the two -- worried about Adler's safety at this point if the licking continues.

Of course Adler isn't innocent either. She unknowingly (?) seems to swing her back end just right and knock Austen over by accident. She also steals stuffed animals from his bed every morning after we leave for work/school. Here's what Austen had to say one afternoon when he came home from school to find his elephant in the middle of the hallway instead of on his bed where he left it...