Three Kids and a Dog

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Thank God for Carpet

Recently I wrote about how Adler seemed to age about 10 years (and that would make her really old because she is already almost 10!) when we watched her climb the stairs to our second floor. 

The stairs were hardwood and the finish on them made them look beautiful but we couldn't keep them. I love my dog too much to see her struggle to get up them and dreaded my kids walking down them in socks. I couldn't imagine when they had friends over either.

So a few weeks back, we decided to carpet over our beautiful stairs (well, put a runner on them) for the love of our dog and our kids.

I have to say, Adler looks puppy-like bounding up them now and I don't worry about my kids falling down them!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

9 Months Old and....

as happy as can be! Well, almost Hailey had a bit if a rough week with more teeth coming in. She wasn't sleeping that well which meant we weren't sleeping that well. She wasn't eating that much and sometimes the poor girl was just inconsolable. Then the congestion starts and she can't breathe very well. There isn't much you can do for a baby when that starts. Prop up her mattress, vapor rub, saline drops, suction her nose and a little ibuprofen for the teeth. Doesn't seem to help all that much so you just have to wait it out. Luckily last night she turned a corner. Only woke up once and she was breathing better this morning when I checked on her before I left this morning. Hopefully, some if those teeth will be making their appearance soon!

At 9 months old, Hailey is sometimes starting to push up on all fours - a start to the beginning stages of crawling. She eats well and really likes all of her food (aside from peas). She still loves her siblings. Austen takes care of her while the three are riding across the back in the car. Peyton looks out the window, not all that interested in helping her if she is fussing or needs her pacifier. 

She has started to talk aka babble more and likes to be loud when she does. Peyton likes to read her books which Hailey also loves.

My youngest is growing up quick already. I can barely believe that soon we will be celebrating her first birthday!

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

4th of July

It was a beautiful, long weekend to celebrate the birthday of our country. We had near perfect weather in the Midwest which is rare for this weekend, but we took advantage.

We attended the local parade (which wasn't as exciting this year without Blackhawk Coach Q and the Stanley Cup).

Barbecued and saw fireworks with friends from our local park which was just a short walk away (see Austen and Peyton huddled together watching; Hailey was less than impressed with them).

Saturday called for some Chicago White Sox baseball family time. The game lasted a whopping 14 innings but we (our kids) only lasted 10.

We ended the weekend with pizza at a neighbors house since we were all tired of hot dogs and burgers. The only bummer this holiday weekend was the lack of beach and pool time but we plan on making that up soon!

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Our Summer Bucket List

It is officially summer with the 4th of July quickly approaching and the first time my kids have had a true summer. Before this year, they went to a year-round school that transformed into an all day camp in the summer with lots of field trips and park time. But, this year they officially are on summer vacation. 

The first two weeks they had swim lessons and enjoyed the library and a few play dates. I took them bowling and they went to the pool and the water playground. 

Now they are in camp for a few weeks and more swim lessons before heading to Michigan for a week to enjoy what we call a beach here in the Midwest. 

That leaves us with still plenty of summer to do more on our summer bucket list:

- baseball game
- carnival
- children's museum
- zoo
- movie outside 
- camp in the backyard (Tom not me!)
- go for walks in our neighborhood
- ride bikes

I am sure there will be more to add to our bucket list of memories to be made, but for now I look forward to time spent on these activities.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Father's Day

Our Father's Day spanned two weekends so that's why I am only getting around to posting now. 

We started off the day with a 5K race in our town. Tom and I both wanted to run it but given we had three kids to look after and it was Father's Day, I let Tom run it. 

After the race, we were off to the beach in Michigan to enjoy what turned out to be a beautiful day. This has kind of become a tradition with my dad joining us. The water was still kind of cold but the Kids and Papa still went in. Can't wait to someday have our own summer home so all the dads can enjoy Michigan! 

This past weekend, we followed up on Father's Day by enjoying a Chicago architecture tour on the river. We took the train from our house with Papa joining us.

We all learned some things we didn't know about Chicago architecture and Austen was pretty attentive too. 

Peyton kept asking when it was time for lunch - which we did have after. It was nice to eat in Millenium Park, outside, among all the tourists. 

Can't say I miss the city but it was nice to go back and visit (even though I am there every day for work!)

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. It is hard work raising kids. Us moms know that.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hailey Turns 8 Months

Hailey is starting to grow up! She is now 8 months old. She can sit up, she is eating her baby food (she only does not like peas), she is actively playing with her baby toys. Her favorites are a big cube with lots to do and Elmo! She likes to watch him dance. 

She also is developing a little personality. Peyton took a toy away from her. She screamed. Peyton promptly gave it back. She knows when one of us leaves the room. I hate this when she is up before I leave for work in the morning and I have to say goodbye to her and I can hear her crying as I walk down the stairs (even though Tom is right next to her). I am sure it doesn't last long but it still sucks.

Hailey is still a stomach sleeper and still has her dark hair. It has grown in thick and even. She may be my one brunette. I will take it as she is stunning with piercing  blue eyes. 

Hard to imagine in just four short months, we will be celebrating her turning one.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Sporty Austen

This spring, we spent our time running from soccer game to baseball game to soccer game. Austen played on three teams this spring. Rec soccer, traveling soccer and baseball. He practiced four days a week and never complained about going to practice. In fact, he only complained when he didn't have enough time to continue to play after practice or a game. When all the kids ran to the park after practice or the game, Austen would be kicking the ball in the goal or throwing pop ups to himself or begging us to play with him.

It's safe to say that Austen likes sports! He doesn't discriminate between sports either. Ask him to choose and he'll say he likes them all. As my only boy, that makes me very happy even though Peyton or Hailey could turn out to be my athletes too and that would be just fine with me.

So this means that my life as a soccer or baseball mom or whatever sport Austen chooses has begun.  The running him around to practices or games; the constant laundry to clean a uniform before the next game and get out the grass stains (no wonder my mom was so good at getting out everything - she had a lot of practice!); the snack mom; the deciding which game he should attend if he has conflicts;  and the sideline coaching (can't help myself in soccer!).  I love it all and I'm sure, like my parents, I will miss it when my children are grown. So for now, I'm going to savor every minute.