Three Kids and a Dog

Monday, October 20, 2014

Adler's New Best Friend

Adler has a new best friend. Her name is Hailey. How did this happen you ask? It is really quite simple. Hailey feeds her. 

Out of all three of my kids, there hasn't been one that was so blatant about feeding Addie from her high chair as Hailey. In fact, Hailey rather enjoys it. She will ever so carefully pick up a morsel of food and then either launch it off of her high chair to the floor or let Adler take it right out of her hand. Then she looks at us and giggles! Unbelievable. She definitely has a bit of naughtiness behind that sweet little personality!

Here she is caught in the act!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy First Birthday Hailey!

It was a birthday weekend for our little Hailey who turned one on Saturday. We were hoping to do her birthday party on her actual birthday but her brother's soccer game trumped her poor party. But as she will come to learn as she gets older, it's always better to stretch out your birthday for as long as possible!

So she started off on Saturday, celebrating with a few presents from Mommy, Daddy, Austen, Peyton and Adler. She much preferred to peek in bags than rip open the wrapping paper too. She then spent the morning and afternoon at a few soccer games before attending the birthday party of my friend's little boy who turned 2.

Sunday was a great day. The weather was almost perfect for an indoor/outdoor party (despite a few sprinkles) and Hailey got to enjoy her day with friends and family.

I clearly did not like the jumpy house. But, neither did Austen or Peyton until they were much older.

I do like playing play ball in the yard and I got to do that on my birthday so it was a great day!

She is eating big people food now but didn't appreciate the spicy chicken!

Why are all these people singing and clapping? Austen is clearly excited about something though.

Yum, my very own cake. I didn't know what to make of it though and I didn't destroy it or eat very much of it!

Presents! I liked opening the presents in bags.

Is it over yet? I'm ready for bed!

Monday, October 06, 2014

My Little Pumpkins

Recently, I tried to remember what pumpkin patch we went to last year. When I couldn't recall I asked Tom and we deduced that we never made it to the pumpkin farm last year. That in and of itself was big for us. Tom and I would go to the pumpkin farm before kids. To deprive our kids of that last year meant we must have had other big things going on. Oh wait. We did. Shuttling our kids back and forth to school and activities in the suburbs from the city, preparing to move and of course giving birth to Hailey! 

So this year we couldn't deny them. We returned to our favorite pumpkin patch in Barrington, which was bigger and better than we remembered.

The kids picked pumpkins.

Took pictures with their favorite characters.

Mined for rocks.

Measured themselves.

Went for a hay ride by a haunted barn. Austen remembered this and scared Peyton about it since he used to be terrified of it. Good thing this year they didn't go through the barn! 

Peyton was running scared that day as she was even hesitant to ride her pony, Razzle.

But she was happy again when we bought a black cat ornament for our lawn and all three little pumpkins were happy again.

The End.