Three Kids and a Dog

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Leaving Work on Time Today 2

Today is my first day with my own blog. As you can see, I already screwed up. Hit the enter button instead of the tab and just like that the title of today's blog is posted without any content following it. Oh well, it's my first day.

Not much time left til the work whistle blows. Rarely leave work on time but lately have been feeling guilty that I haven't spent any quality time with my 18-month old Bernese Mountain Dog, Adler. It's not that she's alone all day since my husband works from home, it's just that I get home, see her, take her for a walk and then am leaving her again. It's a wonder that she's as attached to me as she is. So today, I'm leaving and going straight home to take her on a long walk in this nice 65 degree Chicago weather. That is if she'll walk further than two blocks without laying down on the sidewalk and enjoying the spring breeze. I guess that's okay too as long as we spend quality time together....before I have to leave her again.

Leaving Work on Time Today