Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, February 16, 2014

4 Months Old

Hailey is now 4 months old. I can hardly believe how fast the time has gone by and I have to admit, I continue to feel a little bit sad when I see her outgrowing some of her 0-3 month clothing. There's something bittersweet about knowing she's our last to wear 0-3 month clothes; our last to do nighttime feedings; and our last to cuddle at this adorable age.

There's something special about being the last child in a family. The first gets all the attention and so does the last. Tom's the last.  I've noted this recently as we have been focused on Austen and his homework and reading at night and then just making sure Hailey gets enough love, holding time and cuddling once we are all home since she's the littlest. I've noticed this over the past few weeks as Peyton begs to do her homework like Austen (even though she doesn't have any) or demand that I'm the one who needs to read her a book even though I'm in the middle of Austen's homework with him. It's made me stop and remember that there's a middle child here. Like Peyton, I'm the middle so I'm probably even more concerned that Peyton does not feel like she's the one who is left out. So she now sits next to us and does her homework, which consists of writing her first name which she just mastered this past week or playing on the iPad with an educational game and us coaching her through it.

Each of my kids has a special place in our family, Hailey just happens to be our final blessing weighing in at 12 lbs, 14 ounces and 22 1/4 inches long at 4 months old.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

The Lego Movie

Austen finally celebrated his birthday with his friends this past weekend. We waited until The Lego Movie came out to hold his party because of Austen's deep love of Legos.

In the beginning, he really wanted all of his friends to come over to his house and just build Legos. I quickly talked him out of that in favor of a venue where I didn't have to have 10 boys destroying my house! Turns out The Lego Movie was a hit.  We played games - guess how many Legos are in this jar and who can build the biggest Lego tower in 30 seconds as well as colored all the cool Lego movie characters. We ate, had cake and then watched the movie.

I'd say it was a big hit with Austen and his friends. Peyton got to attend too (Hailey stayed home with Grandma). Here's a recap.

Lego goody bags...

Austen coloring and his friend guessing how many Legos in the jar...

Silly faces...

Happy birthday dear Austen...

and we wish you many, many more, buddy!

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Did She Say Ruff Ruff?

It was Adler's turn to head to the doctor for her annual check up this week. We had a recommendation from a few friends on places to take her out in the suburbs so I transferred her records from her old vet to a new one by our house. We had had many doctors at our old vet as it was a large practice and they were always coming and going but it was the first and only place we took Adler since she was born.  That made it a little hard. And, you know me, I was of course thinking that this is the practice/doctor I'm going to have to call at the end. But, I don't need to think of that for awhile.

The doctor was pleased Adler was on the smaller side. That will definitely help her longevity as she's already considered a senior at almost 9 1/2. Her weight was 75.4. Not bad considering we don't walk her anymore. The weather has been horrible and we've been relishing having the ability to just let her out in the backyard. I think Adler is happy we don't have her go for walks anymore.  At the end of her time in the city, Tom would tell me that she'd often pull him back toward the house after a block. She clearly was too old or too lazy or both to go for the usual mile and a half jaunts all the time.

Adler got four shots at the doctor. Austen and Peyton were the most curious about these shots since they know when they go to the doctor, they usually are the ones up for a shot or two. When Adler came home, it was Peyton who approached Adler, pet her on the head and said to her, "Aww Adler, did you get shots?  Did you say ruff ruff when they gave you your shots?" Hilarious. I'm sure Peyton would like to say ruff ruff when they give her her shots!

Anyway, Adler's in good health. She's enjoying the house, the backyard (laying in the snow below) and not having to go on walks anymore.