Three Kids and a Dog

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Who is Really Our First Kid?

As Tom and I sat outside last night on our new spacious back deck - Adler at our feet - Austen fast asleep in his crib - we talked about this blog and how one comment read that they were looking for a picture of Austen's teeth, not Adler's!

I mentioned how we've yet to take a picture of his first teeth, even though now it's been close to three weeks since Grandma first spotted his toothies coming in. However, as soon as Adler lost her first one, I was prying her mouth open to get the camera in there. I noted how many pictures we have of Adler from her first two years with us sans Austen. I can't remember the last time we broke out the camera for Austen or even Adler for that matter. Probably about a month ago (not counting this past week when I tried to use it but the batteries were dead or the time I brought it with me to the splash park, only to take absolutely no photos).
Anyway, Adler just may have more pictures of her growing up than Austen does to date. I guess, it's true, you're camera happy with the first one and then are lazier about taking them with the second. Even though Adler's a dog, I think this applies. Gotta go now and charge the camera - Austen is only 6 1/2 months old so we still have time to catch up!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Their First Teeth

I remember when Adler got her first tooth. All of a sudden I noticed her gums bleeding and her sharp little puppy fang hanging by a thread. Below the puppy fang was a brand new adult dog tooth already emerging. What a momentous occasion. Our puppy was growing up. I kept this little tooth like it was my first born child's very first tooth that fell out. But the other day I noticed that this precious little tooth had all but disintegrated in my jewelry box where I had kept it.

Where does the time go? Adler is now a tad older than two and a half and Austen is six months old already...and just got two teeth. Yes, I repeat two teeth. His two bottom teeth came in at the same time and life is good again. There's no more waking up in the middle of the night screaming in pain (although he did quickly fall right back to sleep with the help of a pacifier). Our little guy is happy testing out the different sounds he can make now that he has two teeth. And watch your fingers because he loves to chomp down on them, and now that he has teeth, it actually hurts!

Friday, July 13, 2007


Austen gets baths twice a week or so. Adler gets baths about every two months. However, every Tuesday and Friday when it's bath time for Austen, Adler is afraid we are going to drag her into the tub for a bath too.

Lately, she's been making herself scarce when she sees us in the bathroom with Austen. It's weird. She will hang out as close to the front window as she possibly can and not even a treat - even if it's cheese - will get her to budge. This usually goes on for about an hour or two before she trusts that Tom and I are not going to make her take a bath. I wonder why she's such a big chicken about getting a bath?

On the other hand, Austen loves his baths. Now that he can sit up, he's even graduated to the big tub (without his baby tub). He likes to splash around and play with his toys, and doesn't mind when water gets in his eyes. Maybe he'll be a swimmer!

Stay tuned for my next blog post on Adler and Austen's transition to our new home (that explains why I haven't posted in awhile. No internet connection - thanks to the wonderful people at Comcast!)

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Austen and Adler's Day at the Photographer

Friday, Austen, Adler, my mom and I headed to Picture People at Yorktown Mall. They were having a "Pets Weekend" where you could bring your pet and have him/her photograped. Perfect I thought because Austen was due for his six-month picture.

I enlisted my mom to help since she's off of school for the summer (well, sort of) and I knew handling Austen and Adler in this situation was going to prove a little difficult. I mean how was I supposed to change Austen into his three different outfits if I had to keep my eye on Adler at all times?!

Anyway, my mom and I met at the mall. It was a little weird walking Adler through one of the main entrance doors in the mall. (You aren't allowed to go through a department store). I felt a little strange. I wanted to tell people that Picture People were having a special pet day and so on this day, yes, pets were allowed in the mall. But nobody asked. People just stared and kids pointed or wanted to play with Adler.

We made it into the studio without incident. It's a big open space with three different studios within that space -with no boundaries. I can see the people next to me getting their premature daugther photographed. And, I know there is a dog in another studio that I can't see but quickly get to meet. The dog came bounding over and Adler quickly got up from her "stay" position to check out the new dog. But I'm proud to say it only took two quick, stern calls of "Adler, front!" and she came running back to me. Needless to say, Adler did great. She sat very nicely next to Austen and we got some great pictures. Although I do have to say it's very difficult to get a dog and a six-month old's attention at the same time. Anyway, we got some good shots, Adler's training paid off, and it was an adventure for all of us and that is all that counts.