Three Kids and a Dog

Monday, April 02, 2007

Adler's Day at the Beach

Who needs underwater treadmill walking when you're able to spend the day at the beach? On Friday, Tom and I headed to Michigan with Austen and Adler for the day. Adler loved being off leash and wandering around our Michigan land, but she really loved going to the beach.

This dog loves sand! Adler had fun running up and down the beach and diving and rolling into the sand - literally. She then would venture out to the edge of Lake Michigan testing out the water. Yeah, right, like this dog was going to do any underwater treadmill walking when she wouldn't even go past her shoulders into the lake. In fact, her doggie paws never even did a doggie paddle!

I think I will remember for a very long time how happy Adler looked running up and down the beach. I hope she knows how much we love her even if she has to share our attention now with Austen.


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