Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Pumpkin Farm - We Finally Made It!


One of the top things that the kids like to do in the fall is take our annual trip to the Pumpkin Farm. Tom and I have been going to the same one since before we had kids and for almost every year since, we've gone back.

This year, I really had to analyze the calendar to see if we could squeeze in going due to the many varied sports schedules on the weekends. But last weekend, we finally made it albeit for less than two hours before we had to head back for a game.

Still we had are a few shots of them picking out their pumpkins.

Next up, seeing how tall they are this fall!

Favorite part of the trip - mining for rocks and getting these lion masks in their lunch bags.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

One Year

I can't believe it's been one year since Adler's been gone. It seems like so much longer. Losing her was one of the toughest things I've had to go through and learning to live without her was even harder. Yes, I know she was a dog and there are people who go through things that are so much harder but this is my world and in my world losing Addie was for me like losing a member of my family - because she was and always will be a part of my family. 

I said to Tom just the other day that I'm glad that we got another dog. He responded, "another dog or another Berner?" I said, "both." I am glad to have another animal in the house because I am an animal lover but I'm glad it's a Berner. Yes, Adler and Sadie are different dogs but because they are the same breed there are so many similarities. When Sadie does something it brings back memories of Adler doing the same thing and sometimes they are things that we've forgotten Adler did as a puppy because that was so long ago but seeing Sadie do them has us remembering her and happy times.

Adler may be gone from this world physically but having Sadie keeps her alive in so many ways. She's a part of our daily conversations in sometimes comparing and contrasting the two although we are always careful not to view Sadie as Adler's replacement. She's a different dog. She even looks different and her personality is different. When we go for walks, we always again are stopped by people who ask about her breed and Adler always comes up in conversation especially if we are talking about the breed with people who know the breed.

The kids too still talk about Adler. Hailey especially. Just last week we were on a walk with Sadie and there was another Berner walking toward us. Hailey started immediately shouting, look there's Addie! I can smile now when this happens. Yes, it's Addie saying hi to us! Also last week we were at the school book fair and there was a children's novel with a Berner on the cover. Hailey plucked it off the shelf and brought it to me and said, look there's Adler! It's interesting that she doesn't say they are Sadie. I wonder why.

So many times too Tom and I slip and sometimes call Sadie, "Adler." But I think that's like calling our children by the wrong names too! Austen and Peyton delight in catching us on this and sometimes we poke fun at each other when Adler's name just rolls off our tongue.

Sadie definitely is Adler's tribute. Without Adler there would be no Sadie. And without Sadie I think my heart would still be broken. I'll always miss Adler but after a year, I can finally remember her with smiles and laughter.

Hope all is well up there Addie. We talk and think about you daily. Know we will always love you and one day we'll see you again. We miss you and love you...always and forever.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

My First Born

I rely a lot on my first born and I expect a lot from him. He's the one that watches Hailey at my soccer practice when Tom has to work and I have to coach. He's the one that can walk Sadie when I need to get something else done at home and don't want to drag all the kids for the walk. He's the one I can rely on to clean up all the toys when the other 2 have made the mess. 

He's the one who gets his first grade sister from her class and walks her home from school.

In fact, he's the one who I told the other day that I would pick up his sister from school since I was volunteering that day and he didn't need to worry about her and he was free to just ride his bike home. But, as I was just rounding the corner to get her (delayed by a brief chat with a friend) I heard Austen shouting her name and waiting with her til I came up a few seconds later. He wanted to make sure she was safe. He's also the kid that got very upset when Peyton wouldn't listen to him and took a ride from our neighbor instead of walking home with him without my permission. 

And, Austen's the one that other parents tell me repeatedly what a nice kid  I have. He's my kid who likes everyone. 

He's a great kid. A great son and an awesome big brother. I am so proud to be his mom. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hailey Turns 3

We've been celebrating Hailey since Sunday even though she just turned 3 today! It started with the delivery of a giant number "3" adorned with red balloons for our front lawn on Sunday morning. That afternoon kicked off Hailey's party with all of her favorite foods including popcorn, soft pretzels, fried chicken (close enough to chicken nuggets!) and chocolate milk!

She enjoyed jumping in the inflatable bounce house (last year she was a bit hesitant); requested that the balloon artist make her a lion (her favorite animal); loved the pinata (she got to pull the last string that let out all the candy); and didn't cry when everyone sang happy birthday to her this year (although she did chastise me two days later for helping her blow out her candle. Why she waited two days before mentioning this was beyond me as I didn't even think she noticed!).

She was happy to open all of her presents (which were almost all toys this year). It was a great mix of all of her favorites - Peppa Pig, Mickey Mouse, Paw Patrol, Lion Guard and Secret Life of Pets (the theme for her party). And, she loved her big cousin giving her tattoos (Secret Life of Pets of course!).

Today (her actual birthday), we opened presents and went to the toy store to buy more toys. Tom came home early before he and Austen had to leave early for football practice so Hailey got to pick her favorite meal for dinner (a Happy Meal!) with chocolate milk of course! More presents, more cake and more blowing out a candle capped off the evening.

Hailey had a great few days of celebrating three but I still don't know who was more excited for the party and to play with all the presents - Austen or Peyton?!

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Austen Has a New Job

This fall, I volunteered to be the head coach of Peyton's soccer team. This includes running a one hour practice and game each week. 

We have 8 great girls on our team and most attend Peyton's school so it's been great getting to know these girls better and teaching them some soccer basics.  

Austen helps out too when he can. He demonstrates drills and has been refereeing our scrimmages at practice. So it wasn't unusual for me to volunteer him to ref the girls' games each Saturday. I knew he knew the rules pretty well. Just wasn't sure how much my rule-abiding first born would bend those rules to accommodate first grade girls just learning the game. 

Needless to say I was impressed. He didn't just ref a great game. He was teaching the girls as he reffed - telling them to spread out on a goal kick and where to go on throw-ins. Parents on our team and opposing teams complimented his reffing abilities - even some who didn't know the ref's dad was sitting nearby. 

I am proud of him for having the confidence to do this at such an early age. I bet by the time Hailey gets to first grade, he'll be coaching her and her friends!