Three Kids and a Dog

Thursday, April 19, 2007


TrueLove is a children's book that was given to me by my sister-in-law when Austen was born (now that you're having a third do I have to give it back?). It's a story about a dog who was once the center of his owners' world until a baby arrives. He moves down the totem pole of importance and is soon forgotten until his owners realize that he is an important part of their family and they miss him.

I know this happens a lot. In fact, many of my friends have given away their pets once they had kids. They just didn't feel like they had the time to properly care for and love their dogs the way they should. And, truth be told, they were a little fed up with all that dog hair all over their newborn baby.

I'm not going to lie. It is a lot of work to care for a dog and a baby. It's almost like having two children. In the morning it takes both Tom and I to get Austen ready to go and make sure Adler goes out and is fed. And, somehow Adler's hair is always on Austen's hands no matter how many times I wash them. But, I would never give Adler up - ever. To me she's a part of this family no matter what. Of course now, like an older sibling, she has to wait while I tend to Austen's needs first but she never complains. She simply just waits by the door for me to get Austen ready to go out so she can go for her walk or for Austen to get settled before she can eat.

So last night, Tom, Austen, Adler and I sat on the floor in Austen's room and read that book as a reminder of the joy that pets can bring to your life and how not to take them for granted - even when you have an adorable little baby to shower with love and attention.


  • The best part is that Adler is oblivious to sharing the attention! She still commands your attention when you walk in the room. I will say after babysitting Austen (and Adler) for one night (two hours), I can relate to how much work they are!

    By Blogger The Bachelorette, at 6:42 PM  

  • I think dog hair on a baby is good. It helps build up their immune systems when they are young so they don't become sickly little kids.

    When I was growing up we had 3-9 dogs (lots of puppies), 3 cats, 6+ Guinea Pigs, chickens, fish, lizards, snakes, toads, salamanders, rabbits, hamsters, and even a real pig.

    I almost never get sick now.

    By Blogger Perry, at 1:18 PM  

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