Three Kids and a Dog

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy 9th Birthday Adler!

She made it. Adler made it to celebrate 9 years old. I say that because the average life expectancy of a Bernese Mountain Dog is 7-9 years. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not breathing a sigh of relief but rather hoping for five more years at least with our Berner girl.

So for her 9th birthday we gave her a nice backyard with lots of grass (aka our new home). Tom has taken her out back quite a bit and we have a slight hill in the back where she likes to lay and observe. It's almost like she knows she's queen of this castle now.

She has adjusted very well to her new house although I'm sure the stairs will grow challenging in the coming years for her old legs but so far, she's doing really well. She's already found her favorite spots to lay around the house.  She's enjoying having carpet to lay on in the family room. She loves the openness of the finished basement so she can run and play with the kids and there is more room for her to do so so she seems so much more energetic to us.

Today, we celebrated with lots of hugs and kisses from the whole family. We went out for dinner and ordered a piece of apple pie for her so we could stick some fire hydrant candles in it and sing happy birthday. The kids enjoyed telling the waitress it was for their dog's birthday. Papa even came to help Adler celebrate. Happy birthday to you, Adler, and many more!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Forever Home

We did it. Last Tuesday we moved into our forever home. And, I for one am glad that I will never have to move again! It took the movers 13 hours to move us from the city to the suburbs. We didn't stay there that night due to the late hour but on Wednesday it was back to the house to unpack and get organized.

And, a week later, I have to say that it is going to take some time to get organized. So far the kitchen and the kids rooms are almost complete but trying to unpack and get organized with a newborn is tough. Not to mention all the service calls I needed to set up and be around for - security system, cable, window treatments, etc. and running my kids to and from school and activities. Life is busy but it is nice to also have support from family and friends to help install TVs or watch the kids so we can unpack. We appreciate all of it.

As for adjusting to life in the suburbs after 16 years in the city, it is different but nice. We need to retrain Adler to do her business out back and not hold it for a walk. I need to get used to the non-city drivers and try not to beep at them since chances are I know them. And, I need to get used to turning on/off my outside lights and remembering garbage pick up day. It is nice to have more space though. My kitchen cabinets are not filled. My kids have more space to play and are loving it and Tom doesn't have to park his car on the street.

Life is good. Here are a few pictures of our new least the ones where there aren't a lot of boxes.

Sunday, November 10, 2013


I can't believe how much Austen has brainwashed Peyton. My little girl who used to like to play dress up and with her babies (and still does sometimes but usually when Austen isn't home) now has an affinity for anything her big brother likes.

Think Legos for boys, ninjas, ninja movies, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Matchbox cars, and the list goes on. There used to be a time where I was fed up with them not agreeing on which movie to watch as they fought to get their own way but now, Peyton is begging to watch Ninjago or The Turtles or some other boy movie. When she comes home after school, she is the first one to ask Austen, "Want to play Legos?"  Maybe it's just impressing her big brother that she's into and not all this boy stuff. 

She does idolize him and loves to play with him. Today, Austen had a play date with a friend in the city and she was very upset that he wasn't going to be home to play with her.  She plays very nicely by herself in the mornings when I have just her and Hailey and I have to say she doesn't miss Austen. But, when he is around she is all about him. Now I too have an older brother and I remember having Star Wars action figures and watching the movies but I don't think I was ever this extreme! 

I have to say, I think Peyton going to her own school has done wonders for her independence and confidence this year. It has been good for her to be separated from Austen and to have her own space and time alone. 

Monday, November 04, 2013

Happy Halloween!

So last Thursday on Halloween, we once again made the trek to the suburbs to trick or treat in my brother's neighborhood.  We thought our kids would be trick or treating in their new neighborhood by this time but no such luck.

Anyway, all of the kids braved the rain and put on their costumes complete with rain gear. Hailey even went out too although she slept in her stroller most of the way.  And for those of you who think I am crazy to bring a newborn out in the rain, she had a rain shield over her stroller and was plenty warm enough with her costume on. Yes, she had a costume too!

Austen decided to be a University of Michigan basketball player this year. No idea why he loves Michigan when his parents went to two other Big 10 schools, but he does!  Peyton insisted on being Minnie Mouse even though I wanted her to be a cute, little bumblebee!  At least I got to pick out Hailey's costume....she was an adorable little owl.

The kids got so much candy. Austen had to count his for school and he had 128 pieces and that doesn't even include what we ate the day before we counted! He also participated in his school's Halloween parade. They all get to go home for lunch and come back in their costumes. Of course, our lunch was at a restaurant and Austen changed in the car but it was fun to have that special time with him.

I am looking forward to moving into our new house next week, but not all the packing and unpacking that goes along with it. Hard to pack when you have a newborn not on a schedule and most of your day is spent in the suburbs shuttling kids to school/activities and not at home. I think someone else should just pack and move me. I need a relocation package!