Three Kids and a Dog

Monday, August 24, 2009

Austen Visits Thomas

This weekend the Illinois Railway Museum sponsored Thomas the Train. If you are the mother of one boy or several, you know what I mean by "Welcome to the Island of Sodor." Well, we went to the "Island" on Saturday to see Thomas.

Austen had a ball from seeing the big Thomas the Train that he got to ride on to waving at all the people from his seat on the train to getting a tattoo of Thomas on his arm. In fact, I didn't realize what a big impression Thomas the Train made on Austen until he went to school today and this is the email from the morning drop off that I got from his dad:

Austen was happy to go to school today. He walked down the hallway to his classroom and told everyone (Hana’s mom, Ms. Christina and the teachers next door to his classroom) that he saw Thomas the Train. He showed his tattoo and kept talking about the big Thomas he saw. I explained to them about the IL rail museum and the Thomas event that pulled the real train. Everyone was happy to see Austen so happy.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Austen from Boston

Austen from Boston...that's what my cousin nicknamed Austen when we came to visit last weekend.

It was Austen's second time on an airplane and this time he was genuinely interested before falling asleep during takeoff on both the arriving and returning flights. In fact, he slept through most, if not all, of both flights. It was nice to sleep and to read my book!

Especially since I didn't have a chance to do much of either during our quick four-day trip. Here's a summary of it:

First there was a visit to my favorite ice cream parlor - Friendly's! I love Friendly's - talk about bringing me back to my childhood. Everytime we are anywhere near one, I eat there. We happened to go for breakfast this time (and of course for ice cream later).

Then we went to the beach. Not our usual Michigan beach but the real beach! The water was salty and Austen wasn't used to being able to wade out into the waves so he was a little hesitant but he loved throwing his ball in the water and watching the waves knock it back to shore.

It was above 90 degrees the second time I tried to relive my childhood through Austen by making everyone go to Canobie Lake Park, which is an amusement park for kids. Austen had a good time going on rides by himself.

This picture was taken right after he splashed the operator with water and was scolded.

Look how happy he looks after the ride whipped him around its bend.

Austen loves to drive and this didn't help us in getting him to sit in his own seat when we get in our car!

And, finally here he is after hours spent at the park...all tired out.

I think he had fun but I know he was happy to get home to his own bed and all his toys!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Mommy Goes to Work, Daddy Drives the Car

Every weekday morning, I get an email from Tom telling me how Austen was for those last 10 minutes that he is home with him and I have left for work.

Here's one that I received this week:

Austen really wanted to go to the beach today. I had to keep tricking him to distract him from thinking about the beach and not going to school. In the end he was happy to go to school and had no problems. He still thinks you go to work and I drive the car and he goes to school. Funny.

Since I leave earlier than Tom, I kiss Austen goodbye and he knows I catch the bus to go to work. He also knows that I work in a "big building" as Tom and him sometimes drop me off at work. But, he must think his dad is his and my personal chauffeur because when asked what daddy does - he says, "Daddy drives the car!"

Sorry, Tom. Austen doesn't think that your master's degree and all those hours studying for your licensing exams amount to more than driving a car. But, I'm sure when he's older and really understands what you do, he'll be bringing you to school for show and tell!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Being a Big Brother

Tom and I don't know much about being a big brother. He's the youngest of four and I only have a big brother. I wasn't one. But I'm pretty sure I benefitted from having one.

I remember when the boys would bother me and my friends on the playground when I was in elementary school. We would go find my big brother who was only a grade higher than me and he would find those boys and give them a hard time. Those boys were never mean to us again. I liked that my big brother and I were close in age and went to the same school - well, most of the time. Not the time when he parked a mile away from school when I was on crutches and made me hobble to the door with my books instead of dropping me off in front.

I hope Austen doesn't do that but I hope he does all those good things that my big brother did for me. In late December, he'll get his chance. Austen is expected to gain his new title then and I'm sure he'll be a great big brother just as mine was even if he has a little sister who bothers him on the playground.