Three Kids and a Dog

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Just Dance Dance Dance!

You know that relatively new Justin Timberlake (JT) song, Can't Stop the Feeling? Peyton got to participate in our high school junior poms program recently where she learned a poms routine to this song. 

The high school pom girls teach girls in grades K - 4 and then they perform at a sophomore high school football game as well as a basketball and soccer game.

She had such a fun time with her friends learning the routine and amazingly this kid loves to perform. She isn't nervous about going out in front of a stadium full of people and doing her thing even if she messes up a few parts! She had a blast learning the jumps, doing a kick line and just loving this kind of dance music. (This is her kind of music as she is always switching the radio station in the car to dance music and singing along).

Not sure she'll be a dancer when she gets to high school but I like that she is trying it all out now. Why not?! 

As an aside, Austen didn't even mind watching her as he got to see the majority of the football game. And, Hailey instantly recognized the song when we walked into the orthodontist and it was playing. "What's this?" she said as she strained her ear to listen. "Peyton's cheerleading," she said. I am glad she knows JT now too!

Monday, September 19, 2016

The Things Hailey Says...

At almost three years old, our little girl says the cutest things sometimes. I wanted to capture these words at least in print, but hopefully someday soon on video too.

Here are a few instances of Hailey being Hailey:

  • I am upstairs making lunch in the kitchen. She's downstairs in the basement playing. I sneeze. then I hear this little voice say, "Bless you, Mommy!" My heart melts.

  • "I want to go to Carget (Target)!" She asks me this every day when I pick her up from school. She wants to see all the toys and I have to lie and tell her that they are closed or are cleaning the store or everyone went home for lunch and a nap (just like her!). 

  • Hailey can have quite the little temper especially toward her siblings (well one in particular who shall remain nameless). So she has been serving timeouts for hitting and must apologize afterward. Hailey hates to apologize and instead says, "I don't want to say sorry." Talk about stubborn. She flat out refuses. Reminds me of Austen's famous words when he was younger, "I'm not sorry." 

  • This past Sunday, Austen was warming up with his soccer team before his game. He happened to be close to the sideline where we were sitting and Hailey who had been playing suddenly noticed him standing nearby. "Hi Austen!" she shouts. Austen responds, "Hi Hailey!" These two have a special bond. Later on in the game, I happened to remark to Tom that Austen had no clue that there was an opposing player behind him that he should have been marking. Hailey overheard me and said, "Austen has no clothes?! Where?"
There are so many, I wish I could remember them all and write them all down here just so I could document her cuteness. Seriously, sometimes I can't believe how lucky I am to be the mom of this cute little girl. Love her to pieces.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Hailey's First Day of School

Not to be outdone by her brother and sister, Hailey had to have her picture taken for her first day of school too. Last year, she preferred staying home with me rather than go to school, but this year she's more excited to be like Austen and Peyton and have fun at school.

She's talking more and discovering new friends and new work. She tells me what she has for snack, what work she picked to use that day and also what happened in general as one day she got in the car and promptly told me that Michael hit her. Ha! She showed me where he hit her (on her head) and I said well, what did you say? She then replied, "I said, No Michael!" Hailey is a tough cookie so I am sure she can handle a hit and she's pretty good at giving them out herself - maybe not at school but she does like to wallop Peyton every once in awhile!

Don't get me wrong though there are still days when she would rather spend time with me than get out of my car and enter her school, but she puts on a brave little face (even when her eyes look a little glassy) and lets the teacher lead her to the door. I am amazed at her strength and her ability to hold it together on those days.

My little girl is growing up!

Monday, September 05, 2016

Sadie's Surgery

Almost two weeks ago Sadie started throwing up repeatedly. As soon as I got one mess cleaned up, she would throw up again. This was preceded by a night where she constantly had to go out. It must've been some bug we thought, but then she threw up one of her toys - whole!

I had already called the vet and we thought the toy was intact so no need for x-rays or any further investigation. However, two days later she still wasn't better so into the vet we went for x-rays. The x-ray didn't show any obstruction so they gave her fluids and pain meds and sent her home. Two days later, she still wasn't better. Back to the vet for more x- rays. Again, it showed nothing. They gave her more fluids and we said that if she wasn't better by the time she was scheduled to be spayed, four days later then they would make a longer incision to investigate.

By day four, she still wasn't herself so on the day of her spay we signed the papers to do an exploratory surgery to see what was going on. It didn't take long either. The vet called me from the OR pretty quickly to say they found another toy that she had swallowed whole entering into her small intestine. The surgery went well and the doctor called to say she knew she was feeling better because she walked by her crate with a donut hole and Sadie lifted her head, barked at her then stood up begging for the treat! So I picked her up that night between Austen and Peyton's curriculum night at school. But as soon as I got her home, blood started dripping and then squirting out of her incision. So we got back in the car and I drove her 45 minutes to the vet hospital. They kept her overnight and gave her an herb that they apparently use for gunshot victims to help stop the bleeding. It worked but took a few days so Sadie spent a few days post-surgery at the vet hospital. 

She just came home on Saturday with a lot of energy to burn! She's back to her old self but has to be low key due to the stitches and staples they used to close her up. She was wearing a cone around her head and a t-shirt to prevent her from gnawing at her stitches but she didn't love it and it hurt when she would run into us with the plastic. So we ordered a dog surgery suit. Not sure if I trust her to only have this on when we aren't home but as Peyton says "she looks really cute in it!"

We're just glad she's okay and feeling like herself again!

Sadie in her surgical suit (above and below) so she doesn't have to wear her "cone of shame" 24-7!