Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend...

felt long but was much too short!

It started Wednesday at noon when I got out of work early and after lunch with my parents picked up the kids at school so they had an extra long time to play before dinner, baths and bed. They were excited for the long weekend.

After a leisurely Thursday morning trying to decide where we'll be living next Thanksgiving, we ventured to Tom's brother's house to enjoy a little touch football, catch up with family, and stuff ourselves with too much food and drink. Austen and Peyton had fun catching up with their cousins too.

Usually, Thanksgiving night, I venture out shopping not to necessarily catch a deal but because the stores are open all night and my kids are sleeping.  But, this year, I was too tired and decided getting a toy for 50% off was not worth my sleep or waiting in long lines outside to get into a store.

Saturday was our annual Xmas tree cutting with friends. After lunch, we ventured to the tree farm, rode the tractor (Peyton insisted she didn't want to ride the tractor beforehand but did without a fuss once we got there - remember, she's scared of everything these days) and picked the first tree we spotted. (Very unusual!)  Adler got to frolic in the country and tire herself out too.  After tree cutting, we "tailgated" with some hot chocolate and sweets (tradition).

Sunday morning we were off to a birthday party and then home to watch the Bears game and decorate the tree.  We thought it would be fun to involve the kids in the decorating this year.  Bad idea.  Three ornaments got broken.  One by Peyton.  Then we put her to bed.  And, the other two by Austen and then he got put to bed too.

All in all, it was a nice relaxing weekend but I could use one more day.  Happy Thanksgiving all!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Busy Weekend

Tonight ended in a torrent of tears.  From what you might ask? From a jam packed weekend where no naps and late nights contributed to lack of sleep.

Friday night, Austen and Peyton had a babysitter.  I'm sure they stayed up later than they should have and I even told the babysitter 15 minutes past each of their bedtimes. But I'm sure that 15 minutes turned into 30.

Saturday Peyton did not nap despite being in her room and in bed.  She simply fought sleep and rolled around in her bed kicking her feet up against her headboard while her brother had a play date upstairs. Right from the play date, we took the bus to Michigan Avenue to watch the tree lighting ceremony.  The kids had fun despite Peyton's resistance to watching the parade.  She claimed she was afraid of Mickey (that should save me from Disney World for awhile!). Note her sitting on the floor of my office instead of viewing the parade from the balcony outside my office until Tom grabbed her and showed her what she was missing.  From that point she was okay.  The bus ride home was a long one and bed times were at least 45 minutes later than usual.

Sunday started with errands and then a trip to the circus (read no nap) where once again Peyton resisted going in saying she was afraid.  Where did all of this being scared of everything come from?  Finally, we convinced her to go in and although she kept saying she wanted to go home, once the show started she was entranced.  Who wouldn't by Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey? Peyton's favorite part?  The horses. Austen's?  The motorcycles.   The day was topped off by a visit from their cousins from California.  Again, bed times 45 minutes later than usual.

So I'm sure you aren't feeling bad for me when I say they both collapsed in a torrent of tears as soon as their cousins left this evening.  I'm exhausted from battling them into their beds. I will chalk that up as my workout tonight.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Austen Ends His Soccer Season

My little soccer star finished his fall season last week with a 7-1 record.  They played the team they played the first game and got beat by. Turns out the kid that scored all of the goals that game went to Austen's school.

Austen's team aka "Maroon 6" has pretty much dominated every other game they played with Austen contributing at least one to three goals per game, not to mention his stellar defense.  Anyway, when I saw they were playing that team again, I got really excited for the rematch.  I also was excited because I knew that Austen could be a good match for his friend that scored all of the goals.  Trying not to be one of those parents, I took Austen aside and told him that he was playing his friend's team and that he had to make sure his friend did not get to the goal. I really wanted him to play more of a defensive game because I knew they had other kids on Austen's team who could score but none of them played defense as well as Austen.

I was pleasantly surprised that Austen soaked up my coaching before the game and listened attentively while I tried to give him some pointers. I learned after the game, that his coaches gave him an assignment too - to mark his friend. (Guess they were pretty competitive too!)

First quarter, Austen sits out because they are only supposed to play two out of four quarters but they are a player short so three kids will get to play three quarters.  Austen is one of them.  First quarter, they go down by one goal.  Second quarter, Austen and another teammate score two goals and Austen plays great defense too.  Third quarter, Austen and that same teammate score another pair of goals.  The other team scores one. Fourth quarter, Austen plays tough defense to end the game with a 4-2 score.

I know he's only 5 1/2 but the kid has some skills.  I can hardly wait until next season.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Trick or Treat

For the past six years, we've headed out to the suburbs to enjoy some real trick or treating on Halloween with Austen and Peyton's cousins.  You can't trick or treat for real in the city!

Austen and Peyton were so excited to dress up in their costumes.  Austen, like many boys his age, chose to be a ninja.  A blue ninja to be more specific.  The costume was sold out for weeks online so I wasn't sure how I was going to break it to him that he'd have to dress up as something different.  But, I finally found a website that had it in stock.  Peyton, on the other hand, had a cute USC cheerleader outfit from her other cousin who attends USC, that we decided to use for Halloween.

Peyton's excitement about Halloween diminished a little bit when she saw her big cousin, Mia, who had her face painted like a mime.  She was scared of her!  It took her a bit to warm up but eventually she did and got into the spirit of going from door to door.

Austen was racing from door to door.  We had to tell him to slow down so many times since his sister was bringing up the rear of the trick or treaters.   They walked farther than they ever had before, got lots of candy, stayed out late and even went through a haunted house in someone's garage (well, at least Austen did).  It was a great day.  One that we will remember with all of the other Halloweens long after we move to the suburbs and start trick or treating in our own neighborhood.

Thanks for the memories Uncle Mark, Auntie Nina, Mia, Ryan, Luke and Papa!