Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Adler Turns 8

Happy birthday to Adler! She turned 8 on Nov. 27 and we celebrated in style with candles and ice cream.  Vanilla of course since dogs can't have chocolate!  The whole week before, Peyton was telling me that she was going to help Adler blow out her candles.  And, she did (with Austen's help)!

Adler got some new toys and treats for her birthday but much preferred the food and attention to any new toy.

She also got a new "mattress" for her dog bed which arrived in the mail a few days after her actual birthday.  I think she appreciated this gift the most.  The last few months, we've noticed her struggling a bit at night with a little arthritis in her back legs.  A little joint supplement and a new "mattress" and it's almost like she's 2 and not 8!  Of course, the first night she refused to sleep on it because it was a bit full.  But, she worked it in after a few days and now she heads to bed before we do most nights.

Here's to at least another 8 more years, Addie girl! You are the best dog ever. We love you!


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