Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Austen and Peyton Meet Santa

Peyton has boycotted sitting on Santa and the Easter Bunny's lap for the past two years.  So imagine my surprise when her brother ushered her up to visit Santa and she didn't cry or run!

Austen gently guided her to see Santa and Santa plopped her on his lap.  You can tell by her eyes she is a little unsure as she listens to her brother and Santa banter back and forth.  But yet she doesn't cry or try to run!

Listen to this video and listen to Austen's response when Santa tells him there is only 28 more days to Xmas.  You would have thought he said that Xmas was another 365 days away! 

Anyway, I'm just glad Peyton decided to be braver than she has been in year's past. I think almost three was the magic number when Austen returned to Santa and the Easter Bunny's lap too. Listen to Peyton's commentary after talking with Santa.


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