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Sunday, October 02, 2016

Austen Has a New Job

This fall, I volunteered to be the head coach of Peyton's soccer team. This includes running a one hour practice and game each week. 

We have 8 great girls on our team and most attend Peyton's school so it's been great getting to know these girls better and teaching them some soccer basics.  

Austen helps out too when he can. He demonstrates drills and has been refereeing our scrimmages at practice. So it wasn't unusual for me to volunteer him to ref the girls' games each Saturday. I knew he knew the rules pretty well. Just wasn't sure how much my rule-abiding first born would bend those rules to accommodate first grade girls just learning the game. 

Needless to say I was impressed. He didn't just ref a great game. He was teaching the girls as he reffed - telling them to spread out on a goal kick and where to go on throw-ins. Parents on our team and opposing teams complimented his reffing abilities - even some who didn't know the ref's dad was sitting nearby. 

I am proud of him for having the confidence to do this at such an early age. I bet by the time Hailey gets to first grade, he'll be coaching her and her friends!


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