Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, October 16, 2016

My First Born

I rely a lot on my first born and I expect a lot from him. He's the one that watches Hailey at my soccer practice when Tom has to work and I have to coach. He's the one that can walk Sadie when I need to get something else done at home and don't want to drag all the kids for the walk. He's the one I can rely on to clean up all the toys when the other 2 have made the mess. 

He's the one who gets his first grade sister from her class and walks her home from school.

In fact, he's the one who I told the other day that I would pick up his sister from school since I was volunteering that day and he didn't need to worry about her and he was free to just ride his bike home. But, as I was just rounding the corner to get her (delayed by a brief chat with a friend) I heard Austen shouting her name and waiting with her til I came up a few seconds later. He wanted to make sure she was safe. He's also the kid that got very upset when Peyton wouldn't listen to him and took a ride from our neighbor instead of walking home with him without my permission. 

And, Austen's the one that other parents tell me repeatedly what a nice kid  I have. He's my kid who likes everyone. 

He's a great kid. A great son and an awesome big brother. I am so proud to be his mom. 


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