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Monday, November 18, 2013

Forever Home

We did it. Last Tuesday we moved into our forever home. And, I for one am glad that I will never have to move again! It took the movers 13 hours to move us from the city to the suburbs. We didn't stay there that night due to the late hour but on Wednesday it was back to the house to unpack and get organized.

And, a week later, I have to say that it is going to take some time to get organized. So far the kitchen and the kids rooms are almost complete but trying to unpack and get organized with a newborn is tough. Not to mention all the service calls I needed to set up and be around for - security system, cable, window treatments, etc. and running my kids to and from school and activities. Life is busy but it is nice to also have support from family and friends to help install TVs or watch the kids so we can unpack. We appreciate all of it.

As for adjusting to life in the suburbs after 16 years in the city, it is different but nice. We need to retrain Adler to do her business out back and not hold it for a walk. I need to get used to the non-city drivers and try not to beep at them since chances are I know them. And, I need to get used to turning on/off my outside lights and remembering garbage pick up day. It is nice to have more space though. My kitchen cabinets are not filled. My kids have more space to play and are loving it and Tom doesn't have to park his car on the street.

Life is good. Here are a few pictures of our new least the ones where there aren't a lot of boxes.


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