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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend...

felt long but was much too short!

It started Wednesday at noon when I got out of work early and after lunch with my parents picked up the kids at school so they had an extra long time to play before dinner, baths and bed. They were excited for the long weekend.

After a leisurely Thursday morning trying to decide where we'll be living next Thanksgiving, we ventured to Tom's brother's house to enjoy a little touch football, catch up with family, and stuff ourselves with too much food and drink. Austen and Peyton had fun catching up with their cousins too.

Usually, Thanksgiving night, I venture out shopping not to necessarily catch a deal but because the stores are open all night and my kids are sleeping.  But, this year, I was too tired and decided getting a toy for 50% off was not worth my sleep or waiting in long lines outside to get into a store.

Saturday was our annual Xmas tree cutting with friends. After lunch, we ventured to the tree farm, rode the tractor (Peyton insisted she didn't want to ride the tractor beforehand but did without a fuss once we got there - remember, she's scared of everything these days) and picked the first tree we spotted. (Very unusual!)  Adler got to frolic in the country and tire herself out too.  After tree cutting, we "tailgated" with some hot chocolate and sweets (tradition).

Sunday morning we were off to a birthday party and then home to watch the Bears game and decorate the tree.  We thought it would be fun to involve the kids in the decorating this year.  Bad idea.  Three ornaments got broken.  One by Peyton.  Then we put her to bed.  And, the other two by Austen and then he got put to bed too.

All in all, it was a nice relaxing weekend but I could use one more day.  Happy Thanksgiving all!


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