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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Trick or Treat

For the past six years, we've headed out to the suburbs to enjoy some real trick or treating on Halloween with Austen and Peyton's cousins.  You can't trick or treat for real in the city!

Austen and Peyton were so excited to dress up in their costumes.  Austen, like many boys his age, chose to be a ninja.  A blue ninja to be more specific.  The costume was sold out for weeks online so I wasn't sure how I was going to break it to him that he'd have to dress up as something different.  But, I finally found a website that had it in stock.  Peyton, on the other hand, had a cute USC cheerleader outfit from her other cousin who attends USC, that we decided to use for Halloween.

Peyton's excitement about Halloween diminished a little bit when she saw her big cousin, Mia, who had her face painted like a mime.  She was scared of her!  It took her a bit to warm up but eventually she did and got into the spirit of going from door to door.

Austen was racing from door to door.  We had to tell him to slow down so many times since his sister was bringing up the rear of the trick or treaters.   They walked farther than they ever had before, got lots of candy, stayed out late and even went through a haunted house in someone's garage (well, at least Austen did).  It was a great day.  One that we will remember with all of the other Halloweens long after we move to the suburbs and start trick or treating in our own neighborhood.

Thanks for the memories Uncle Mark, Auntie Nina, Mia, Ryan, Luke and Papa!


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