Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Busy Weekend

Tonight ended in a torrent of tears.  From what you might ask? From a jam packed weekend where no naps and late nights contributed to lack of sleep.

Friday night, Austen and Peyton had a babysitter.  I'm sure they stayed up later than they should have and I even told the babysitter 15 minutes past each of their bedtimes. But I'm sure that 15 minutes turned into 30.

Saturday Peyton did not nap despite being in her room and in bed.  She simply fought sleep and rolled around in her bed kicking her feet up against her headboard while her brother had a play date upstairs. Right from the play date, we took the bus to Michigan Avenue to watch the tree lighting ceremony.  The kids had fun despite Peyton's resistance to watching the parade.  She claimed she was afraid of Mickey (that should save me from Disney World for awhile!). Note her sitting on the floor of my office instead of viewing the parade from the balcony outside my office until Tom grabbed her and showed her what she was missing.  From that point she was okay.  The bus ride home was a long one and bed times were at least 45 minutes later than usual.

Sunday started with errands and then a trip to the circus (read no nap) where once again Peyton resisted going in saying she was afraid.  Where did all of this being scared of everything come from?  Finally, we convinced her to go in and although she kept saying she wanted to go home, once the show started she was entranced.  Who wouldn't by Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey? Peyton's favorite part?  The horses. Austen's?  The motorcycles.   The day was topped off by a visit from their cousins from California.  Again, bed times 45 minutes later than usual.

So I'm sure you aren't feeling bad for me when I say they both collapsed in a torrent of tears as soon as their cousins left this evening.  I'm exhausted from battling them into their beds. I will chalk that up as my workout tonight.


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