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Sunday, February 09, 2014

The Lego Movie

Austen finally celebrated his birthday with his friends this past weekend. We waited until The Lego Movie came out to hold his party because of Austen's deep love of Legos.

In the beginning, he really wanted all of his friends to come over to his house and just build Legos. I quickly talked him out of that in favor of a venue where I didn't have to have 10 boys destroying my house! Turns out The Lego Movie was a hit.  We played games - guess how many Legos are in this jar and who can build the biggest Lego tower in 30 seconds as well as colored all the cool Lego movie characters. We ate, had cake and then watched the movie.

I'd say it was a big hit with Austen and his friends. Peyton got to attend too (Hailey stayed home with Grandma). Here's a recap.

Lego goody bags...

Austen coloring and his friend guessing how many Legos in the jar...

Silly faces...

Happy birthday dear Austen...

and we wish you many, many more, buddy!


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