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Sunday, February 02, 2014

Did She Say Ruff Ruff?

It was Adler's turn to head to the doctor for her annual check up this week. We had a recommendation from a few friends on places to take her out in the suburbs so I transferred her records from her old vet to a new one by our house. We had had many doctors at our old vet as it was a large practice and they were always coming and going but it was the first and only place we took Adler since she was born.  That made it a little hard. And, you know me, I was of course thinking that this is the practice/doctor I'm going to have to call at the end. But, I don't need to think of that for awhile.

The doctor was pleased Adler was on the smaller side. That will definitely help her longevity as she's already considered a senior at almost 9 1/2. Her weight was 75.4. Not bad considering we don't walk her anymore. The weather has been horrible and we've been relishing having the ability to just let her out in the backyard. I think Adler is happy we don't have her go for walks anymore.  At the end of her time in the city, Tom would tell me that she'd often pull him back toward the house after a block. She clearly was too old or too lazy or both to go for the usual mile and a half jaunts all the time.

Adler got four shots at the doctor. Austen and Peyton were the most curious about these shots since they know when they go to the doctor, they usually are the ones up for a shot or two. When Adler came home, it was Peyton who approached Adler, pet her on the head and said to her, "Aww Adler, did you get shots?  Did you say ruff ruff when they gave you your shots?" Hilarious. I'm sure Peyton would like to say ruff ruff when they give her her shots!

Anyway, Adler's in good health. She's enjoying the house, the backyard (laying in the snow below) and not having to go on walks anymore.


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