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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Girls Trip

So last weekend, Peyton and I headed to Boston for a little girl time. Some thought we were crazy venturing there in February when they already had seven feet of snow and more coming but it seemed like a good time for a change of scenery and a visit with my aunts, uncle and cousins. I took Austen to Boston on a trip with me when he was five so I thought it was only right that Peyton have her turn too. I wasn't sure how this trip was going to go. Peyton seems a whole lot needier and less mature than Austen was at age five. She was either going to be great for me or a royal pain in the behind. It was a toss up. So off we went.

We had an early morning flight and took a car service to the airport. Peyton was so excited she talked my ear off the entire car ride and then on the plane. I asked her later if she was tired and she said, no, and that I shouldn't be either since I slept in the car and on the plane! Ha! I was trying to sleep in the car and on the plane but Peyton kept talking.  It wasn't until I put a video into her mini DVD player that she finally stopped. She was a great little traveler though and she didn't even have to go to the bathroom. As soon as we got into Boston that was the first thing that Austen had to do!

I always like going to Boston. There's a lot of history there for not only the U.S., but for me too. I was born there and although I lived there only for a short time, it connects me to my childhood. Because I spent many holidays and summer vacations visiting my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, we spent a lot of time there. I have great memories of those times and I feel close to my family there so much so that I have enjoyed taking trips back first with my friends and now with my own family.

When I go, I usually like to frequent the places of my childhood like Canobie Lake amusement park; the many beaches where I spent long days in the summer; my old houses and of course Friendly's ice cream for one of their sundaes with lots of jimmies. Peyton and I didn't get to do those things this trip as we are saving all of those things for our visit there this summer with the rest of our family, but we did get to spend lots of time with my aunts, uncle and cousins - most of whom I hadn't seen in three years. But, I did get to talk a lot with my aunts who took me down their memory lane as they recalled living in Italy during World War II when their father (my grandfather) was fighting with the U.S. I remember my grandmother telling me the stories of how the German soldiers knocked on her door in the middle of the night and how when she tried to buy some time for her and my aunts to get away, they shot at her on her balcony. I never captured these stories she used to tell us and I wanted to for our family history.
So now I have a good start on it thanks to our trip.

It was a quick 48 hour trip, but we did manage to eat some lasagna; (thanks to my cousin who makes it as good as my grandma used to and that's saying a whole lot since I don't even order lasagna in a restaurant anymore); get our nails done and visit a toy store for Peyton. It was a nice taste of a longer visit this summer and the best part was that Peyton proved to be a good traveling companion too!

Peyton on the airplane - of course she had to bring her bunny.

We've arrived and we landed early! Yay!

 Helping to set the table for a good old Italian meal.

Look, I got my nails done!

Killing time in the airport since our flight home was delayed 45 minutes.


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