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Sunday, December 28, 2014


I love fall but there is something about the Christmas season that edges out fall for my favorite time of the year. Maybe it's the holiday music, the lights, the trees lightly dusted with white powder, walking in the crisp air with a hot beverage and just spending extra special time with friends and family.

This year, here are a few of my favorite moments:

Walking to our town's holiday lights festival. It might be small but there's something about the sense of community and seeing all of your neighbors that makes this event special.

Helping in Austen's classroom for his holiday party. As one of three room moms for his class, I've enjoyed spending time at his school getting to see him interact with his friends, getting to know his teachers and his classmates.

Driving around our town and the neighboring towns looking at Christmas lights with our family. Okay, so maybe about 1/4 the time the kids are interested but Tom and I love to do this.

An impromptu walk around town with some hot chocolate. Peyton already has the pose down.

Listening to Christmas music the entire season all the time. From the moment our station changes to Christmas music that's what we listen to at home and in the car. We have it on constantly. I love it.

Spending time with close friends. It's nice to have some wine or a beer and celebrate the season with some of my closest and longtime friends. Most have been around for 30 years or so now!

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with family. Beyond the presents (and my parents go all out), it's nice to spend time with those you love and catch up. We may tell the same family stories each year but there is something nice about reliving these memories with the only other people who shared these moments growing up with you.


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