Three Kids and a Dog

Monday, February 23, 2015

I Have a New Friend...

Each night we gather around the dinner table to eat and share what happened during our day. We usually ask Austen and Peyton who they sat next to at lunch or what was the best part of their day. Tonight, Peyton was very eager to share what happened at school today. She said:

  • a new friend started today at her school
  • he was from China
  • he wore golden shoes
I then asked how old he was. She said five and she told me his name. She then proceeded to ever so innocently tell me that he makes these cups. And with that, she picked up her plastic cup full of milk and looked at the bottom.  You see, Austen has been on a mission lately to find out where everything is made  and he has mentioned that these cups are made in China. I could barely contain my laughter as I explained to Peyton that her new friend likely didn't make the cups just because the cups were made in China. In fact, I went on to explain that there are many things made in the U.S. (okay maybe not as many as are made in China!) and that doesn't mean that we made them. She looked a bit confused but I really hope she doesn't ask her new friend tomorrow if he makes cups!


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