Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, January 11, 2015


At 12:43 pm, eight years ago on this day, I became a mom. So today, I celebrate my first born who has been part of our family for eight years. Somehow it seems like just yesterday that the doctor was telling me there was no way I was going to have this kid and I looked up at him and said, "I am not a wimp and this hurts so something is happening!" He gave me a shot of morphine and sent me to a room. Three hours later I was 8cm dilated with no epidural! I think I was right. Damn resident. 
Anyway, Austen changed my life. He made me a mom by name but he really taught me how to be a mom. (Actually, I'm still learning and will continue to learn until I am no longer on this Earth). So thank you and Happy Birthday Austen. May you always believe in yourself and know how much I love that you are my first born, my only son and the one that I rely on to pull it together for the other two when needed. I love that you are sensitive to other people's feelings, are addicted to sports (watching and playing - although I prefer not in the house!), enjoy reading, love building with Legos, help your sisters, think Peyton is hilarious, play lovingly with Hailey and Adler and just genuinely have a good heart. 

Happy birthday buddy.


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