Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, February 15, 2015

16 Months

She did it. She finally started walking at 16 months. The latest of the three to start walking but I wasn't surprised. She did everything later - sitting up, crawling and now walking. I predicted 16 months once I
saw her pattern of doing things a bit later but I never really thought it would take her until 16  months. We had her doctor's appointment this week and they said she now is 75th percentile for weight (although she still seems small to me) and 25th percentile for height. Although I think those are a bit off based on her age and the fact that she wouldn't let them properly weigh her. Still she's doing great. The doctor asked if she had at least 5 or 6 words and I said she had more like 10 but thinking about it later her vocabulary is more like 15-20. She is a very verbal kid.

Her eye-hand coordination is also spectacular and she can throw a ball like a pro. This weekend she even started dribbling a soccer ball! I was floored! She just started walking now she's dribbling a little ball in our basement. I think she's showing her desire to play sports even earlier than Austen. But she has a little Peyton in her too. She's feisty that's for sure and she loves to read. Just wait until my next post on this topic. Hilarious!

Anyway, as soon as she started walking it's a whole new world for her and more work for us! She constantly wants to climb stairs and stools and her brother's bunk bed ladder. She keeps me on my toes all day that's for sure since you need to keep an eye on this one!  But at the same time it's so great to see her grow into a toddler and interact even more with her siblings. Watching her and her brother and sister growing up just keeps getting better even if it means I'm getting older too. 


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