Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Is She Walking Yet?

She is. Sort of. She keeps taking lots of steps and then dropping to her knees.  Although she is not walking consistently, each day she walks a little more. At almost 16 months, Hailey definitely took the most time out of my three to learn how to walk. 

But, I also think she is a smart little cookie. She understands far more than even I actually realize. I tell her things like give me your pacifier or out your blanket in the crib and she does. Today, we caught her in the pantry with a lint roller pretending to take the dog hair off her pants! She knows where her nose, head and mouth are located and is learning animal sounds. Her favorite - meow! I think Peyton has brainwashed her already!

She has more words like baby, snack (pronounced 'nack'), bow (and her hand flies up to her head to show me she understands her bow goes in her hair), more and milk. 

She loves looking at pictures and often lays on her back on the floor looking at them or a book. She definitely has her own voice and makes sure that her brother or sister don't exclude her. She may be our youngest but she may be by far our toughest.


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