Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, January 18, 2015

It's Snow Joke

Snow. Adler loves it. Almost as much as sand. Now that I'm home during the day, Adler gets let out a lot more than she used too. I can't believe she used to hold it for as long 9.5 hours. But, she's old now and she deserves to go out a lot more often. So it's lucky that ever since I had Hailey that someone has been around during the day to let her out. Besides she has a decent size backyard so no one has to physically take her out. But, I guess she must be missing her winter walks because now she stands at the door multiple times a day begging with her eyes to go out. It's gotten a little ridiculous! Mostly because I'm tired of wiping her down every time she has to come back in. There's a lot of dog there!

She can spend up to 20 minutes in the yard and I'm always curious about what she's doing out there so I venture upstairs to Austen's room where I can better see the entire backyard. Sometimes she's frolicking in the snow digging it up with her nose and eating it while other times she's laying smack dab in the middle of the backyard looking around at all the creatures that dare brave these cold winter days. I let her stay out for as long as I think is good for her in freezing temps or until I have to pick someone up from someplace or drop someone somewhere. I worry sometimes that I will forget her out back but usually when she's had enough before I've thought to go get her, I'll see her waiting patiently by the back door. And, if I have taken longer than I should to notice she's there, she'll lay down by the back door.

I am glad she's enjoying her golden years. I'm glad I'm home for these golden years. So I'll stop complaining about wiping her paws if I can keep her here on Earth with us for another six years. Yes, please.


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