Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, February 01, 2015


Literally. It hasn't stopped snowing in 24 hours. Almost at 18 inches now and our cable just went out. Good thing it waited until after the Super Bowl. 

Of course today was the day we also had Frozen on Ice tickets and had to drive to the city. Stinks that we used to live only a few blocks from the venue where it is being held until our move to the burbs. That would have been a short commute! But we made it in 40 minutes and the kids enjoyed the show. Hailey especially liked the popcorn. Austen and Peyton liked seeing Sven the reindeer on ice skates. 

Made it home in time to snuggle up to the fire for the Super Bowl and for the kids to watch and then play. Hailey has been practicing her 3-4 steps of walking and growing more comfortable. She has also acquired some new words- no and baby. She likes to say both of them often along with hi and bye and blowing kisses. In fact, she melted some lady's heart today in the grocery store waving bye to her and blowing kisses. Leave it to her to make people smile on this frozen day.


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