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Monday, March 16, 2015

The Toughest Boss

I have a new boss these days. She's very demanding, pushing me to do things outside of my comfort zone. Things that I never thought I would do or want to do. Tough bosses bring out the best in us and make us believe that we are better than we actually are at the jobs we take on.

My new boss is 5 and her name is Peyton. She's my middle child who is very much into crafts. Now don't get me wrong, before I had Peyton as my boss, I loved all those cute ideas on Pinterest that I would find but I would gladly hand those over to my husband to execute as he is the more artsy one in our family. Heck, I don't even like carving pumpkins. But, being at home now with a daughter who loves to do art has pushed me to find activities for her and me to do in the mornings before she goes to school. I started slowly with a simple craft or two and then ventured out to our local art store to purchase a bunch of art supplies so we might be able to create anything we wanted at a moments notice. Fifty dollars later, I had a great base for any art project. So Peyton and I started doing a few together then we would have play dates with some of her friends and I would have a craft or two planned for them to do. Peyton loved this and so did all of the other girls. In fact, late one night, Tom came home from a meeting to find me hard at work creating crafts for a big play date (four girls and their moms - a different kind of networking now!).  And, just last week, I tried my hand at making homemade play dough. It actually turned out great. I can't believe I am one of those moms now! But, I see how much Peyton loves it and it makes me feel great that we can share these special projects together. In fact, when Austen gets home from school he often wants to create what we worked on that day too so now I am making extras for him to do too.

So far my tough boss has given me great reviews on these crafts so I think I am doing all right and adjusting to my new way of working. Check out some of our masterpieces.


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