Three Kids and a Dog

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

First Haircut

Hailey has the best hair of all three of my kids. She was born with a head full of thick, dark hair that didn't fall out like the other two. As she grew older, it only grew in thicker and the back sprouted these perfect little curls. Also of note was the fact that she was the only one to escape my signature cowlick in the front. So I really was hesitant to take her for her first haircut. Tom kept asking when we were going to do it. I kept putting it off because I didn't want to touch her hair but slowly realized that even the best hair needs a little clean up now and then. So off we went.

I took all three kids for haircuts that day as Tom was out of town. The older two, when it was time to get their first haurcuts, went to a kids haircut place, sat in chairs shaped like cars, received keepsake locks and photos. 

Hailey went to Great Clips. She sat in my lap. There were no special first haircut packages. In fact, she was lucky to get a selfie photo with me. She outdid the other two though. No tears. She looked down when she needed to and looked in the mirror with curiosity as the stylist snipped away at her hair. Perfect third child. Easiest first haircut ever. 




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