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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Happy 1st Birthday Sadie!

One year ago today, the puppy that healed my heart was born. She's done a lot (of damage) since we brought her home at 8 weeks from escaping her crate to eating her own toys and having to have surgery for it to reaching over the seat in the car and ripping out Peyton and Hailey's bows in their hair (and trying to eat them) to eating our woodwork on our windows and stairs.

No children are alike and the same goes for dogs. I like to believe that Sadie chose us because no matter how bad she was she knew we would always love her and not give her back. She was meant to be ours.

So at one year of age, she weighs in at 97 pounds. Yes, 97! I almost fell over when I saw that number on the scale. The average female Berner is about 90 pounds. Adler at her heaviest was about 84. Sadie at one year of age is 97! She is a bigger dog - longer, taller and fuller than Adler, but 97 pounds! Hailey doesn't stand a chance walking next to her!

She loves munchkins/donuts and cheese, but as you can guess she really doesn't discriminate. She's a cuddler too which means she'll just plop the full weight of her body down on top of you no matter where you are sitting - the floor, the couch, etc. She also loves going for car rides but she's a little too crazy in the car. The kids can't be eating food in front of her or she'll try to jump the seats. And Heaven forbid you try to leave her in the car. In fact, we bought a mesh barrier between our second and third rows which she tore down within a few minutes so we decided to buy a grate that goes between the seats. That lasted longer but last weekend while we were inside at Austen's baseball practice she managed to rip that down and hop over two rows to the front seat where she devoured at least half of a box of munchkins.

Despite her puppy antics, we still love her and haven't banished her to the backyard yet (we can't do that either because she digs holes in our yard)!

Anyway, Happy 1st Birthday to our Sadie!

Sadie on her birthday enjoying her new Octopus toy!

The destroyed box of Munchkins


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