Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Bad Kids

I was so proud of Hailey this week. At soccer on Wednesday there were a bunch of boys who act crazy every class and never pay attention to the coach. Hailey just moved into this class in December since she had just turned 3 and I wasn't sure how it would go since the parents sit on the sidelines and coaches take over teaching soccer. She, however, has done remarkably well paying attention and just keeping up.

These boys on the other hand never pay attention in class and the coach is often using most of his time to deal with these hoodlums. All the while, the parents/babysitters sit there and chat or are on their phones totally oblivious to the entire situation. Well, this week these boys were especially bad - kicking down the cones as the coach put them up for drills and tackling each other. One of them happened to hit Hailey in the face with a cone as he was fooling around and she started to cry. Already irritated by these crazy boys it took all my strength not to go out there and sit those boys out myself or confront the babysitter/parents, but I didn't, I held back. I saw the coach comfort Hailey and then I saw Hailey wipe away her tears as she tried to hold the barrage of others back. Then the coach asked her to perform the drill first. Still crying and wiping away her tears she took off with this look of sheer determination on her face. It was as if she was saying, I will complete this drill and I will not go get my mommy. She ran right by me without giving me so much as a glance as I rather loudly cheered her on.

You see I've had a few conversations about not crying at soccer (this isn't the first time these crazy boys have made her cry by kicking a ball at her, etc.) since she had been running to get me everytime something went wrong. I have been telling her to shake it off and showing her at Austen's games when someone gets hurt they don't go get their moms, they stay and shake it off. And, shake it off is exactly what Hailey did. It was a proud mom moment and gave me a little peek inside to Hailey's future personality. Here's my little soccer star following in Austen's soccer footsteps:


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