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Monday, January 02, 2017

Happy 7th Birthday Peyton!

On Friday, Peyton turned 7 and if she could have celebrated all month she would have. The countdown began as soon as December started and while most kids would've been sad that Christmas was over, Peyton looked forward to her birthday and celebrating with her friends.

This year, she had a friend movie and we took 14 of her girlfriends (with the help of Papa and Grandma) to see the new movie "Sing." It's an animated piece about animals and a singing show like American Idol. What could have been more perfect for Peyton - animals and music?! And, the movie was super cute. She enjoyed her friends singing to her after and handing out her goody bags (which are very important to a first grader's party).

The goody bags!
She got lots of presents which is what she wanted! And I have to say all of her friends must know her really well because she had lots of animal presents! She opened more presents from us and then even more from her grandparents and relatives. We topped off the evening by going to Red Robin for dinner - Peyton's choice.

It may have just been one of my favorite kid birthday parties! Hoping 7 turns out to be just as fabulous for her!

 The Friends and Peyton with Hailey (Austen didn't want to be in the pic)!
Hanging out with her friends at the movies

Really? More presents?!


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