Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, January 22, 2017

An Interview with Hailey

Who is Hailey? Well, she's a lot of Austen and a little bit of Peyton all rolled into one cute and smart little girl. She's athletic like Austen. Talks a lot like Peyton. Plays great by herself like Austen. And, has a sarcastic sense of humor like Peyton - for example when I ask her what she had for snack at school, she'll pretend she's thinking real hard then says, "Eyeballs! I had eyeballs!" She's drawn more toward boys as her playmates than girls and right now is dying for us to take her anywhere with Mickey Mouse!

Get to know Hailey - what she thinks of her brother, her sister and her puppy Sadie. Learn her favorite color, who is her favorite pup in the Paw Patrol and what she likes for dessert. Here she is...our one and only Hailey Kate...


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