Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, January 15, 2017

10 Month Old Sadie

Sadie definitely is going to be bigger than Adler. She's already taller and probably will be heavier too. She loves to sit on our back deck and survey our yard for prey like a lion atop a mountain. Spotting a squirrel or bunny she flies off the steps and just misses catching them before they scurry under the fence. She's surprisingly quick for a big dog and agile too.

And, she loves to chew. Her favorites are the woodwork by the windows where she rests her head to look outside or the corner of our bottom stair. Her favorite snack is the mulch in our yard or bark from a tree and of course sticks. She does love a good treat or a good bone though. 

She is not as big of a jumper as Adler which is helpful when others come to visit but she does have an annoying habit of tugging on our clothes to try to get us to play. The kids don't dare hold a stuffed animal or shoe or shirt when walking past her because she basically tackles them trying to get whatever they have. She also loves to go for rides in the car but sometimes eats the seatbelts, and if we leave her in the car sometimes she'll jump over the seat and tear up some papers just for fun!

She's amazingly loveable though as she flops down on your lap if you're sitting on the floor or she'll attempt to climb on your lap if you're sitting on the couch. She's great at holding her bladder and waits a really long time to go. She's starting to sleep in more now too as she waits for us to get up most mornings instead of waking us to play or go out.

Sadie still has a lot of puppy in her and more training to do, and she's still a lot of work but so are our three kids. Someday life will get easy again...when Sadie grows up and our kids don't need us on a minute by minute basis. That's when will miss this.


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