Three Kids and a Dog

Monday, December 26, 2016

Merry Christmas 2016!

Christmas just keeps getting better and better with kids! Hailey was really into Christmas this year and Santa (even though she wouldn't sit on his lap). She had a great time opening all of her presents and waited ever so patiently for her turn at all three houses (both grandmas and ours) where she opened even more presents. She asked sweetly each time, is it my turn yet (again)? Favorite presents were probably anything to do with Mickey Mouse and the Hatchimal that her Grandma found for her because if her sister had one then she had to have one too.

Peyton loved seeing where our elves ended up each morning during the Christmas season. But, she wasn't sure she was going to get presents this year as she was undecided if she was good enough to deserve them! So she was very excited on Christmas morning to discover lots of presents to her from Santa (after all we couldn't scar the child two years in a row after forgetting her Santa presents last year and having to have the "elves" deliver them later). Favorite presents were probably her Hatchimal that Grandma scored on an early morning Toys R Us/Walmart run and then her Flip A Zoo stuffed animals. Go figure.

I think we really relished Austen's possible last year of believing... or really of all three of our kids believing at the same time. He's started to ask me lots of questions like how could I have the receipt to one of the presents Santa gave him (I honestly don't remember what Santa gave him and what we gave him, but he does!). How can Santa possible fit all those toys in his sleigh? Why are there tags from stores we shop at on some of his Christmas presents (no, I don't always remove those! But that Sears commercial really came in handy where they show the elves shopping at stores!). How does Santa deliver presents to everyone all around the world in just one night (time zones, what'd he think?!). Not sure how many more straight faces I can keep as I answer him! Favorite presents for Austen was his Xbox video game system (that I said I would never buy) and all his Lego sets (that I said he can't have anymore of!).

As for Sadie's first Christmas, we sent her on vacation for a few days to her breeder for boarding while we spent extended hours at our families for Xmas Eve and Xmas. We didn't know what kind of damage she would do being left alone as a 10-month old puppy for up to 8-9 hours each day and thought she'd have more fun romping around with some playmates. She came back exhausted as well as nicely groomed!

I can't believe Christmas is over for this year but I'm sure glad the radio stations are still playing Christmas music so I can ease myself back to reality.


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