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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Austen's Florida Soccer Tournament

At the airport headed to Florida!
I'm a little late on posting this week because I just got back this morning from a long weekend spent with Austen in Florida. His traveling soccer team had the opportunity to play a few games down there over Presidents' Day weekend so he and I made the trip together.

We left early Friday morning which meant missing some school but he has worked so hard this year at both school and sports that Tom and I thought he deserved a reward and a break. We arrived in time for lunch and a little pool time before the rest of the team arrived to go to Benihana for dinner!

Saturday morning we didn't play until early evening which was great because it was so hot. So more pool time with teammates and then off to the first game. It was a battle from the get go with our team playing in the second highest division (out of six or seven divisions) of the tournament for U10. The other team, used to the Florida heat, scored first but our team rallied to win the game 3-1. Off to a team dinner after which the kids definitely enjoyed.
A quick team picture before their first game
 Sunday we had two more games at 10am and 2pm. Right in the middle of a very hot day. The boys were dying early against a very skilled Florida team and lost to the team that eventually won the championship. During the afternoon game, we just wanted the boys to finish strong with a win and after being down 2-0 in the first half, the boys rallied once again to bring home a 4-2 victory. Back home they celebrated with ice cream and then a 7 hour pool party with pizza (and sushi for the parents!).

Monday was a free day since they didn't make the final so off to the Everglades and the beach.

It was a solid performance for their first true out of state tournament and the bonding that occurred is something that will only strengthen the team.

Great time. Go Wizards!

The Wizard Lizard (the van they took to games)

Football in the pool!

Last game - it was hot!
They won! A come from behind victory!

The Everglades was a fun trip to see the Alligators - we saw about 6-7!

Games are over now it's time for the beach - Deerfield Beach


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