Three Kids and a Dog

Monday, February 13, 2017


Lately, Hailey has been obsessed with Mickey Mouse. Not Minnie. She couldn't care less about her. Mickey. She says she wants to be him for Halloween next year.  She has also been telling me she wants to go to Disney World. I told her she went when she was 14 months old and I am not going back there...ever!

Of course when she asks you every day, you make a far off promise to go sometime soon like okay maybe Disneyland this summer when we are in California. I could stand maybe 2 days there for Hailey wrapped around another trip. Done. Then there's the Disney cruise. The one everyone says is great for kids AND for the parents because we'll finally get to have time alone while on vacation. Sounds divine. They're already booking spring break 2018 cruises so why not. Check.

However, both of these vacations seem so far away when you are three and you want to see Mickey Mouse now so I booked Disney on Ice tickets for today. It is a rite of passage too. Austen has been 3 times and Peyton twice now. Hailey was very excited and when we pulled into the parking lot and I proclaimed, we're here, she looked at me wide-eyed and asked, "We're at Disney World?!" Uh, no. But, we will see Mickey.

She was so excited as we made our way to the stadium, talking a mile a minute. She picked a Finding Dory light up wand and a big Mickey Mouse lemonade before we found our seats. Mickey was on first. She loved it. But as soon as Mickey left and the princesses came out, she could've cared less. (Note: she's so not into Disney princesses.) She reminded me of Austen when he went to see his first movie, "The Princess and the Frog," and he kept asking where did the frog go when he wasn't in a scene. Well Hailey kept looking for Mickey except when Finding Dory came on. She did enjoy that skit. Good thing Mickey and friends came back out at the end and oh, that Frozen used bubbles for snow - she loved that part too!

Now, I know I need a lot more Mickey at Disneyland and maybe by 2018 she'll be more into princesses!


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