Three Kids and a Dog

Monday, December 12, 2016

Sledding in a Winter Wonderland!

It was our second snowstorm on Sunday and even though the roads weren't great the temperature outside wasn't too cold so we loaded the family into the car and went sledding.

There were some really funny moments from our hour on the sled hill. This is my favorite one - typical brother!

Hailey was also adorable - making snow angels and loving sledding down the hill (sometimes insisting she was going by herself). She loved being outside and kept her mouth open to catch the falling snowflakes on her tongue. She also didn't complain about walking back up the hill! Big bonus for us because we didn't have to carry her every time or pull her back up in the sled. 

Since Hailey didn't seem to mind the cold, we may try to get her to ski this year. Austen was 3 when he first hit the slopes. Could it be that I may be able to ski again soon after a 10-year hiatus due to kids? If so, I see some really fun trips in our future!


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