Three Kids and a Dog

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Sadie's First Snow

Sadie was born Feb. 28, 2016 so she probably doesn't remember snow last year. Therefore, this year was her first real snow.

She didn't know what to make of it at first. She stood there sniffing it almost paralyzed in the heavy, wet snow that enveloped her paws. Then she did what she usually does - she started eating it. Mouthfuls. Upon mouthfuls. 

After her belly grew full, she started running. Oh what fun it is to frolic through the snow, she found out. She knocked Hailey down more than once as she played crazily in the yard. She stole her gloves and delighted in us chasing her around the yard trying to retrieve it before she decided to eat it. 

Like Adler, Sadie who never did like the sun, loves the snow. She'll go outside run around and lay it in it for hours. All that fresh air certainly tires her out but not enough to stop her from stealing the ornaments off the tree and running under our long dining room table with them so we can't get her! Sadie is definitely getting coal in her stocking this Xmas!


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