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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Austen's First Chicago Bears Football Game

Austen is one of those kids who is very into sports.  He could watch it for hours on television if we let him. It doesn't matter what it, tennis, basketball, football or soccer.  As a matter of fact, he likes watching it live as well and doesn't act like a typical kid his age running around and not paying attention to the game. In fact, while watching his Uncle Mark's soccer team, his Auntie Nina asked him if he would like to go with her to the concession stand to get some candy. "No, thank you," he replied, so he wouldn't miss a minute of the game (Peyton quickly jumped into Nina's arms and once again Nina won her over with the mention of chocolate!).

Austen's always been one of those kids that likes to observe what's going on and then if he gets an opportunity to execute what he's seen, he tries....most times, in my living room much to my dismay (this kid needs a backyard!).  Anyway, he's also quick to ask, who we want to win so he can cheer for the appropriate team or individual.

So it was no surprise that when Tom came up with two tickets to the Chicago Bears football game, he chose to bring Austen (after I gave my stamp of approval of course!).

Here he is all suited up and ready to go in his Chicago Bears apparel.

And, a took the liberty of holding a before game interview with Austen.

Lastly, Austen looking happy from the stands. The bachelorette party that told him he was the cutest kid ever and wanted to take pictures with him at the tailgate before the game, must've made his day.  Of course, Tom took credit for Austen's good looks.  Like his sister, I think he just got the best qualities of both of us.


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