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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Austen Starts to Read

I remember in first grade when I clearly knew that I was not in the highest reading group.  One day as my group's lesson was over and the highest group came to the table, I started easily reading their book.  I remember asking my teacher why I wasn't in that group. To her credit, I remember she didn't tell me that I couldn't, but instead she said let's see how it goes.  It must've went okay because I stayed in that group for the rest of the year and became an avid reader.  Still am as time permits.  In fact, a bookstore is one of the places I feel most at home. I could spend hours in it.

When I became a mom, I was so excited to read these great books to Austen, but he was never all that interested.  He liked books but I wouldn't say he loved them.  Often times he didn't want to sit still long enough to read them instead choosing to play a game.

Peyton on the other hand wants to read a book every night and sometimes two or three a night.  She loves books and always sits quietly turning the pages reading them.  I often find her in her brother's room perusing his selections in his bookcase.

So this past week, we decided that Austen, now a kindergartener, needs to practice his reading instead of playing a game at least once a week before bed.  He reluctantly agreed and did pretty well.  In fact, I think both Tom and I were shocked that he's basically reading. We knew he had been working on sounding out words but in a short time it seems like he went from that to reading.  Yes, it's really basic stuff but we were so impressed and proud of him.  I think he was pleased and proud of himself too. The next day he insisted on bringing one of his "reading" books to school. Which again surprised and impressed me...usually he's smuggling one of his Lego guys into his backpack.  That day he asked me if he could bring a book.


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