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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Girls Day Out

Each year, I like to attend a few field trips with Austen and Peyton for school.  We'll venture out to the activity of the day and then come home and do something special, just us.  This has been a tradition since Austen was about Peyton's age. I call it our special day.  

Now, that Peyton is old enough I figured it was time for her to partake in the special day activities.  In the morning, we went with her class to see a play put on by a local college - The Three Little Pigs (and the big, bad wolf - as Peyton would say).  Boy, was I glad I went. I didn't realize how scary turning the lights off in the theater and pigs being chased up and down the aisles by the big bad wolf would be for little kids.  There was some crying (not from Peyton) but she did announce rather loudly that she wanted to go home.  I just kept reassuring her and she was fine for the rest of the play so I was relieved that I had chosen this field trip to go on.

After the field trip, we headed to the new McDonald's in our neighborhood (the kids call it Old McDonald and watched every day as it got built since it is right by their school).  Peyton loved her Happy Meal and I told her not to tell Austen we went there because he would be very upset (and he was when he found out!).  Once we got home, Peyton napped...much to my surprise because lately she has been refusing to sleep in the afternoon instead sitting in her bed wide awake at nap time.  After nap, we went to get some frozen yogurt.  Peyton declared she wanted pink so I put some frozen pink lemonade yogurt in her cup (it was self serve) and then she said she wanted chocolate. I accommodated her request only for her to taste it and say this is yucky! Then she made me switch yogurts with her! Girls!

After yogurt, we headed to the bookstore where she got to pick out some books for herself.  She chose two Pinkalicious books and a Barbie book (we couldn't find Black Beauty which is what she really wanted). Then she helped pick out two books for Austen.

After that, we went to pick up Austen at school who promptly cried that Peyton had three books and he only had two and that I took her to Old McDonald's and he had to go somewhere else for lunch on his special day. Sigh. Do oldest children always have to have the best of everything?! Nonetheless, Peyton and I had a great day and I look forward to more girl time with her as she grows older. 


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