Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Getting Older

I'm not talking about Tom or me or even the kids getting older. I'm talking about Adler.  She has started to show her first visible signs of aging.  Lately, I've thought that it seems like it takes her longer to get up especially at night when her body is tired but then I tell myself it's probably just my imagination.  But this sign, I know isn't my imagination.  Her eyebrows have officially started to turn gray!  Berners have these great tan eyebrows on their face and they do have white in their fur too so at first I wasn't sure if the gray/white hairs were there all along or if they were new. So I compared her to past photos and yes, they are new.

I guess technically she is 49 but she still seems like the little puppy I picked up at the breeder almost 8 years ago to me.  I don't like that she is visibly aging but I'll take that over anything else as long as she still feels good.  


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