Three Kids and a Dog

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Playtime at the Park

Austen and Peyton go to the same school and now that Peyton is older, her class hangs out at the same park as the big kids.  So a few times a week they will see each other at the park.  This day, I didn't know that they had seen each other and during dinner the two of them start having a conversation about their day at the park. Guess who isn't too happy with his little sister?  Find out why...

So if you could understand anything from this conversation, Austen and Peyton saw each other at the park.  Peyton is happy to see her big brother but he doesn't want anything to do with her or rather after he says hi, he doesn't want to play with her or for her to follow him.

Peyton is excited to see him at the park in the middle of her day at school. She wants to hang out with her big brother and his friends.  He tries to ditch her and this makes her feel sad.

Interestingly enough both of their teachers told me that when they see each other at the park, Austen is sweet but he does hide from her after seeing her.  He does look out for her too. One day he was carrying her across the park because he thought her class was leaving without her and he was worried about her (they weren't).  Peyton loves her big brother so much she cries when he leaves her or she has to leave or when he hides from her.

Oh the joys of having a sibling. But, I can't imagine them not having each other.


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